Chapter 30 Day 13 Da’at Ascended

Day 13, Universal East, Divine Child
Sunday, 3/19/2017, Blue Cosmic Eagle, Kin 195, Solar Plexus Chakra

Today is actually Friday, March 17, 2017, Day 11, Galactic West. However I am guided to skip a few days, and come from the future now, and pull the details of our journey through from the future, and/or from above, down. Since we are living beyond space and time now, with Yeshua and Kallah Messiah, and accompanied by Archangel Metatron, we can cocreate multidimensionally however we are guided!

First thing in the physical world today, I received this email: “A Spiritual Journey” by Wendell Berry (1934-       )

And the world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles,
No matter how long,
But only by a spiritual journey,
A journey of one inch,
Very arduous and humbling and joyful journey,
By which we arrive at the ground at our feet,
And learn to be at home.

We pause to reflect how this relates to our story. Didn’t Dorothy learn that very truth as a child with her inner spiritual fantasy experience? She ended up back in Kansas, in her black and white: grey life, no color! And NOW she knew her Auntie M, and her Companions on the Yellow Brick Road were her enlightened Spiritual Family, and she was at home right there in the physical world, Malkut. Right where she is meant to be in the Divine Plan.

One of the teachings of Sophian Gnostic Christianity is that Malkut is Keter and Keter is Malkut! That IS and has never changed since the beginning of time! Illusions, darkness, maya, dreams, have tried to change the Divine Original Creation of Genesis One, and has never been able to do so. When we return to our knowing of our True Divine Self, we have never changed!

Also, before we go back into the mix of Unity Consciousness, we must know our individual Divine Self and the gifts we each brought to creation before moving on into Keter. We relearn this here at Da’at.

Black Elk's Vision

1-11-92 Mending of the broken Hoop – Black Elk’s Vision Read More

We can thank others who have shared their inner journeys to their Spiritual Divine Selves, and have had the courage to share with us. In “Black Elk Speaks”, we are privileged to share Black Elk’s inner journey with him.

In his 90’s he knew a translator would come and record his story, for the benefit of humanity. I hope he’s looking on now, and seeing his vision of “The Mended Hoop” being birthed!!! He died a grief-stricken man, not thinking his vision would ever be realized in the world. We hope he can finally rejoice with us.

In Modern times, J. J. Hurtak, has shared his visions when he was lifted into Divine Heights and brought back his book “The Keys of Enoch”. His other divinely inspired books, “Pistis Sophia” and “The Overself Awakening: A Guide for the Schoolhouse of the Soul”, are among others of his writings. How fortunate we are to have such ancient wisdom restored to us. The ones who have controlled us, never realized that we can receive truth from beyond Tiferet, or the Galactic. We can and we have and we are free because we are from Keter! Our Divine Children through the Messiah has taught us to live in freedom!

Back to our story now. We have just had a profound experience with the left handed drawing of the clowns mouth! The stickers and rubber stamps were put on left handed, too, which surprisingly kept me in the intuitive, creative side of my mind, keeping my imagination expanding.

As we now step to the other side of the clowns and kachinas interfaced multidimensionally, we realize we have come to a very sacred scene! Before us is Da’at, completely the Heart of Jesus.

The whole Sepheroth of Da’at, the Universal Medicine Wheel IS the Heart of Jesus!!! All the Children of God, past, present and future are here! What a glorious sight. Ours eyes tear up at the beauty! We have come from Keter and Tiferet!

We realize we have just experienced 2 Sophia Gnostic Christian Teachings. Divine Pride and Divine Humility. We are taught that in order to approach the Divine, we must know that we are Divine Children of God. Worthy of our Inheritance. Not poor sinners, and not allowing ourselves to affirm that we are a Holy Spark of God whose home is Keter. We must also be humble and grateful for knowing who we are.

We see this in Dorothy especially in our recent experience together. She approaches her Holy Higher Self, also knowing her own holiness. In addition, she is humble and recognizes the Divine in the Wizard of Da’at. She extends compassion and Divine Love to him.

10-10-89 Heart 4 Parts

10-10-89 Heart 4 Parts

image of a Heart loving Jesus

0-15-89 I Heart Jesus

The second thing we have been practicing is experiencing the Messiah within us. *** refer to practices. Children talk about having Jesus in their hearts.

Then we practice being inside of the Messiah. **same reference. These are most powerful because we are asked to live this reality.

Here in this experience we see that all of God’s Children are now in the Heart of Jesus!!! And now we hear a choir of Heavenly Angels singing a benediction to all of us:

You are the Heart of Love,
You are the Heart of the Universe,
You are the Heart of Creation,
You are the Heart of God.

From the beginning of time,
Your energy has shaped and shifted and created,
And modified and expanded and given,
So that the Heart of What Is,
May be known once again.

Know that this is honorable,
And You are honored on all dimensions of the Universe.
Know that You are loved very much.
And We give to You and Yours Our Blessing.

We say for You
You are blessed.
You are blessed.
You are blessed.

“………The Nameless Ones”