Chapter 30 Day 16 Return of the Divine Children

Day 16, Universal North, Adult Man, Da’at Sepheroth
Wednesday, 3/22/2017, White Electric Mirror, Kin 198, Root Chakra

Today is the North of the Universal Medicine Wheel, Da’at Sepheroth, the Higher Self Aspect of the Adult Male. As far as I can tell, there has not been a spiritual or psychological teaching about Humanity having a Divine Child. I say Child, because there is an understanding among many that we are a Divine aspect of God, that we are a Spark of God, that we are Children of God.

However, in my 42 years of exploring my spiritual mission, I believe that our Higher Selves in Da’at, had planned on leaving our Wounded Selves behind, and never reconnecting with Him/Her. That, of course, would not be acceptable by the Divine Plan. Our Wounded Selves have a Divine Spark in them, and all Divine Sparks must return to Keter for us to finish our work here.

One of the main teachings in Sophian Gnostic Christianity is that of the Klippot. Throughout the millennia, our Divine Sparks have been encrusted by dark husks. The farther we fell, the more impenetrable this dark crust around our Holy Spark became! Our job is to free all Divine Sparks, and release them to Keter in order to create a Kabbalah that is 100% Divine Love, Divine Light, and Divine Life in every dimension and in every nook and cranny. All darkness around the Holy sparks must be removed, so that there ARE no more Klippot. All the Holy Sparks of God, unite into total divinity at Keter and then down through the whole Kabbalah, as it was in the beginning.

I’m sure that once our Wounded Child is healed, our Adult Self is automatically healed. There are all kinds of children who are coming in as 100% Crystalline based. It is reported that as of May 1st, 2016, all children are born with their Crystalline based body. The new Children have been coming in under different names for quite some time. The Indigo children were first, the Rainbow children and so forth. We have provided the link for Crystalline Children under Divine Spiritually. There are many pages on the subject in Google.

This sadly brings us to the question: Why are our children of Light allowed to come to planet earth, if they are not protected by the Divine Law of Love? I have mentioned that I have known about the Secret Government (as it was called back then) since I was a junior in Highschool. My Dad was taken out by them when I was a young woman. This shadow government has had many names, probably to try to confuse us. This enslavement of humanity, it turns out, has gone on for many eons of time, since the fall of man. It has been well hidden until now. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s right in the Bible as the Nephilium. ****** It is glaring at us, right head on this time. We must deal with it!

image Updated-Named-K-3-Seph-w-o-paths

I myself have known many details of the heinous plans and acts of this government. This is not a government of, “We the People”. This is not a government of Human Beings at all. These are foreign entities, that are NOT Human. This is why we can not wrap our minds around their “pleasure in cruelty” which they are 100 % committed to. It is not possible for us, as Divinely Created beings, from Genesis 1, to even imagine such unthinkable acts. This is why no one could believe what was going on in Natzi Germany. It isn’t something a human being can even imagine. That’s why it’s unbelievable, and most don’t believe what’s going on now, today, COULD even be true, either. That’s why we must come from Keter, down. One can see the TRUTH from the top down, or from the future to the present.

Lord Jesus and Lady Mary now step forward to address the group. “Tomorrow, we will be entering Keter. You each have a big decision to make. For this 4 day trip through Da’at, you have each been given the gift of Grace. If you are comfortable with Yourself, you may choose to go onto Keter and be 100% ascended, and never have to leave again. We will teach you how to travel multidimensionally and do all your activities on the whole Kabbalah from Keter. That is how the Masters live.”

Jesus continued, “Your Heart, Divine Feminine, and Divine Child will be leading. Your Mind, Divine Masculine, and Adult will be following, and in a way that is in complete balance and unity. Check in with all aspects of yourself before you decide. If any aspects feel they are not ready, you may move back into Tiferet, and continue studying until you are ready. Do what makes you feel the most relaxed, whole, and peaceful. You are safe here, and most welcome. Groups will be making this voyage from Tiferet through Da’at, and on to Keter, continuously now, as the Ascension of Earth, Humanity, and all of Creation finally return home from the dream.”

“There is one more thing:” Lord Jesus added, “We will be burning with the sacred Nuclear Fire of Keter, the old Plan that is now completed. The old plan of the Ascended Masters that was voted on over God’s Plan, NEVER to be allowed again. Lady Mary, Archangel Metatron, and I will carry the Scroll ourselves. I will explain the ceremony when we arrive. Now, you each need to make your decision, and we will gather again tomorrow. You are all very, very loved by the Divine, and we appreciate you being the brave pioneers to bring your Sisters and Brothers home.”

With that, Lord Jesus gave a benediction and the whole group departed for the evening.