Chapter 24 Day 14 Yellow Galactic Human


Today is Monday, December 26, 2016. Day 14. Yellow Galactic Human. Heart Chakra. Kin 112. The 7th day of the 10 Cosmic Activation Portals. This is the Universal South Aspect of the Da’at Sepheroth. This is the child aspect of our Soul. The shoulders are the body parts.

I want to make sure that you realize we are IN the Kabbalah, and INSIDE the paths. We need to keep checking that we FEEL the warmth and protection of Da’at. This sepheroth has not been subject to the dark agenda, and this experience needs to become familiar to us in our body and senses, in our emotional feelings and sensations, and in our mind, thoughts, and mental peace. We are on a journey together now. Yeshua and Kallah Messiah are leading us. And our Divine Child is following them! How safe we are!

I was once in a group that was reliving the Children of Israel getting ready to cross the Red Sea. I had an insight. I had always thought that the Lord opened the Red Sea and then the children walked through! I did not experience that in this meditation. We had to walk into the sea, knowing that through our faith, the Lord would open up the path through the Red Sea. And that’s What happened. we were up to our waists in water and big waves and then the Lord opened THE WAY! And that’s what we’re doing! We left the darkness and are focused only on the Light. We need to move forward with faith in the Lord and then the Lord opens our path.

“The light of the body is the EYE: If, therefore, thine eye be single to the light, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness.”     Matthew 6:22 KJV

It is easy for our divine child to focus only on the light of Lord Jesus and Lady Mary. They are right here with us, leading us!

And our Divine Children are the ones who “Have become as little children to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven”       Matthew 18:3.

And “The little child that is leading,” all aspects of ourselves into the Kingdom of God.     Isaiah 11:6

This aspect of ours, the Divine Child, is very comfortable with this familiar place, Da’at, which is free from darkness!

At this level, the Universal Medicine Wheel, there are some ideas that can be upgraded, if we wish. Concepts that may be useful to ponder,  They may not be for you and your journey. You’ll know. Here, we stop to review the Sophian Gnostic understanding of the Klippot.

This term also refers to evil and unclean spirits or forces of evil. Klippot is the Sophian Gnostic name of the divine sparks of light that are trapped in the husks of darkness. Nothing has happened to the divine matrix or the sacred Kabbalah, it’s still intact, including Keter and Da’at which were never effected by darkness at all.

image Kabbalah sephroth

Sepheroth, Circles or Medicine Wheels

During the fall and after the fall of the divine human being – Adam/Eve Kadman – the source of all life, Mother/Father/God and the Divine Creator closed off access to the fallen creation between Da’at and Tifferet. According to my understanding, the Klippot fragments of the structures left over from former cosmic cycles of creation could not enter past this galactic mirror in the Center Pillar. Duality was created through the Left Pillar of Darkness and the Right Pillar of Light up through Binah and Hokmah. However, the paths horizontally to Keter and Da’at were completely blocked. In the Right Pillar, Hokmah and Hesed in the Left Pillar Binah and Gevruah darkness could not enter these two highest Sepheroths. In other words, Adam/Eve Kadmans spirit and divine spark in his/her soul could never be touched.
(This was quoted from Chapter 17 The Divine Structure Paragraphs 2-3. )

Only the Holy Spark is real. The dark husk gathered around it tries to put the Holy Spark out, but it can’t. This is nuclear fire from the Throne Room. It is often said that our only real job is to remove these dark husks. As we look around, we realize this has happened! Any dark husks that may have tried to get into Da’at when we came through, could not come! We stop to contemplate this event. By traveling up here, we have cleared ourselves completely, and the dark had to go to the Light! Wow!

There is a saying going around the Communities of Light. ” It’s all good. It’s all God”. This is an opportunity for us to reconsider these statements. If it is all God, and all good, why was the darkness not able to come through this Holy Gateway? Remember we are in the Ark of the Covenant. All is in Divine order here. This will be true in Keter, too, the Cosmic Medicine Wheel of Cosmic Christ Consciousness. We are bringing this consciousness down to planet earth. We are doing a great job, especially because the Messiah, Yeshua and Kallah are leading us!

At this level, we are experiencing wholeness coming together with the parts AND at the same time, seeing that the parts remain themselves. We can experience this when looking from Da’at down. However we could not experience this from earth looking up. This is why we are learning the importance of moving to Da’at and Keter. The truth is, we never left Keter. This is slowly dawning on us.

It’s like at the physical level, Malkut, we took the Rose apart, thinking that if we could study each part, we would experience the whole. However we discovered that was thought of through the mind leading the heart from the body. We lost the unity of the whole. That’s in Da’at and Keter, being experienced by us right now. We are at the soul level when we are in Da’at. The mind and science must include the heart, soul and spirit to completely experience the whole, the truth. The Soul causes the heart to lead over the mind. This is the original plan, and somewhere along the way, the mind forced itself into the leadership position. This is described by Jesus in “Love Without End” by Glenda Green. It is one of the 3 most important teachings in that book, to me.

We will consider one more example. It is often taught in spiritual circles, that if someone tears up over a healing experience and starts crying, we should not touch or hug them. It’s used as a law. Don’t do that. That is the mind leading. That is NOT an absolute truth in the Inner Child Ascension Path. It is more the exception than the truth. We must be in the present moment, receiving guidance, in the now. To the child, and her friends the natural human response is touch. Touch is one of the most authentic, loving, qualities that human beings have. That’s why in my “laying on of the hands” healing, I use touch. Many healing channels work off the body. When Jesus sent me into the Charismatic Christian Church, He said “I want you to go where they do the obvious laying on of hands.”

Here are some of the things my #14 aspect, Universal South told me on 11/20/00. The part of the body is the shoulders.

I have transmuted the story of Lady Master Nada. Selflessness. Her denial of self to serve others, the lessening of self and own desires for others.

One must put on ones own oxygen mask before putting on another’s to save their life.

The confusion you feel with the Bhagavad Gita is this paradox that no religion or spiritual structure here on planet earth has received.

Self-acceptance, self-love, knowing oneself, self-understanding, self-forgiveness must come first.  How hard this has been for me!

I was taught at a universal level and have had to work very hard to undo the damage to my SELF.

Remember the comment at your CAYCE group presentation when somebody said that the body and emotions are an illusion. This is what we are here to transform.  Our wonderful bodies, our wonderful emotions, our wonderful minds are all part of the DIVINE PLAN.  How could we have been able to COME here to transform humanity  as volunteers  without these divine aspects of ourselves?

My totem is the DEER.  Dawn the Fawn.  I do not like the name “nothing” here in this plane.  It means self-denial.  From NADA to DAWN. Change one A to a W. We are at the DAWN!!!

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