Chapter 7 Noticing Everything

Here we are, still reviewing what we know before we get into the heavenly Canoe to ascend. By now, we know enough to have gotten out of the ark that never budged unto the soft, loving earth that graciously supports us. We need to know the art of noticing everything.

After my near death experience, I realized my assignment was to listen and hear my guidance. Also, I had to notice everything in my life to see the narrow opening for my path.

At the time, I was a white water canoeist in the Canoe Cruisers Club in Washington, D.C.  The first time I had heard of paranormal techniques used by the U.S. Military, it was by a member of this club.  Lou had been in the U.S. Army as a dowser to find buried land mines that were dangerous to the soldiers.  He was a master dowser with a pendulum. In the Canoe Cruisers Club he was the one who, if a canoe group had gone out canoeing and not returned, you went to him.  He would get out an enlarged map of the white water the group had left to canoe and his pendulum. He would know exactly where the members were and how they could be rescued. Fortunately his services were not needed very often, but when they were, it was comforting to know he could give accurate information for the rescue.

The only spiritual, non-physical information I had ever received up to this time was from the Christian Church. I had experienced my first paranormal event during my near death experience. Lou was the only person I knew who was working with paranormal energies, so he was the only entry to start my own search. I knew that God would show me my spiritual path after such an exquisite journey of my near death experience.  Incongruous as it seemed, he was the only person I knew who was having spiritual and paranormal experiences.

My son was a tennis player and I was driving him out past the Beltway two times a week. These tennis courts were located right next to Lou’s canoe rental company. Instead of waiting for my sons’ tennis lesson to finish, I decided to go next door and see if Lou was home. I knocked on the door and he answered. I introduced myself and told him I had just had a near death experience and I wondered if he could help me. In those days even my doctors did not know about near death experience and I was left on my own to sort out the meaning of my experiences. At the time, I had serious migraine headaches and I asked Lou about healing those and questions about paranormal experiences. Interestingly enough he had a vast amount of knowledge.

He got his pendulum and was able to see where energy was stuck in my body and to actually show me how the pendulum looked when it was giving information. He then said “If I were you, I would go see Dale”, a well-known chiropractor in the area. “Also, I would get a reading from Michelle, who reads from the Akashic Records. She is also a metaphysical minister.”  He gave me their telephone numbers and told me he would contact Dale to tell him I was calling if I would so desire. He told me to please keep in touch with him to let him know how I was doing. My son’s tennis lessons were up then and I left Lou’s realizing I had started my journey.  By trusting the one person I knew, the opening he gave me was to spiritual healing and metaphysical companions. Michelle had been looking for a place to start a new metaphysical school and she ended up incorporating at our home until she found another place. This started my facilitating a spiritual center myself which I operated for around 32 years. Knocking on Lou’s door lead to a whole new world for me.

Another example of noticing everything, is after Jesus asked me to go into His Charismatic Christian Church as I wrote about in Chapter Six.  At the time He gave me the assignment of going into the Charismatic Christian Church, I had no idea how to start. I was given six months to prepare and I finally went to the Yellow Pages. To my surprise, in the Washington, D.C. Yellow Pages there was a whole section of Charismatic Christian Churches; like the listings of Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, etc. I literally wrote down the Northern Virginia list, addresses, phone numbers and started visiting them one by one.  This again was using the only resource that I knew of.  I think if God gives us an assignment and we trust in Him, He will give us the means to accomplish it.  It all boils down to our knowing that God is working through us and we are the conduit.  Our job is to be open and trust in God.

Recently I met a Shaman who realized that I had a mission coming up.  Although neither of us knew what it would be or what he was preparing me for, I knew to listen to his wisdom. He described how shamans notice everything that is around them – the birds in the sky, a bunny on the patio, a car going by – like having eyes and senses in every cell of our bodies. I practiced doing this even inside buildings; noticing people, patterns, activities, so that my whole environment would be surrounding me in a way that I was communicating with it. The assignment came up as a surprise both in timing and detail. I was so grateful for the Shaman’s instruction that I had been given, because it allowed me to complete this assignment that neither of us knew was on the horizon.

Another kind of noticing for me is energies that are around me.  For example, under the Kabbalah in the 16 Tube Torus illustrations, this whole multi-dimensional realization came to me when I was walking to my car recently. I felt something that felt like a little puppy dog almost nipping at my right ankle. I stopped and turned around to check, but of course, there was no little puppy dog. Then, I noticed in the inner planes this little golden energy shaped like a tube torus that was trying to communicate with me. As you notice, I’m still not able to put in words this story yet.  However, to Miri, it’s already written and illustrated.

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