Chapter 23 Day 9 Blue Electric Hand


Today is the Solstice. It comes in at 2:44 a.m.
It’s Wednesday, December 21, Day 9. Blue Electric Hand, KIN 107. Root chakra.
The 2nd day of 10, Cosmic Activation Portals. Leave a space for the name of your Galactic East Aspect of this Tiferet Sepheroth. This is our mental body Galactic Medicine Wheel. This Galactic East part of our body are the fingers on both hands.

On 3/16/01, this Galactic East Aspect of myself, Spotted Eagle, wrote to me:


2-19-93 Eagle

“I have had a most difficult descent since I am Cosmic Prana – East – I was devoured and demolished by the dark ones in the Galactic Wars. I was unable to bring Cosmic Prana on down to earth.

I was the one who cried when you read the Black Elk passage at the Torpedo Factory. I was the one who inspired the three pictures that were on television; Black Elk’s vision, the Return of the Animals and the Celebration Carousel! My depression has been so deep because I didn’t see the mending of the Sacred Hoop happening. I didn’t see the Tree of Life in the center alive and flowering.

Black Elk's Vision

1-11-92 Mending of the broken Hoop – Black Elk’s Vision Read More

Return of the animals

1-12-92 Return of the Animals …


1-13-92 Clown Carousel

When Source came to the Galactic Medicine Wheel two days ago, the whole Medicine Wheel expanded to its original size and greater. I am ecstatic. It has been millions of years since I have been able to breathe. NOW, I can breathe fully and receive all blessings and gifts from Source. I depend on NO ONE, NOTHING, save SOURCE,  for all I need, want and desire. SHE IS ALL THAT IS. And has now made all available to us. What ecstasy! I breathe and enjoy, smile and be.

I am the Spotted Eagle that people’s souls ride on when you do your Cosmic Soul retrieval in multi dimensions. I, myself, have power to return fragmented parts of souls to their original self. Source gave me the authority to go and get them.

NOW, I am free. I SOAR. I am LIBERTY. I can give rides inner dimensionally. I am the one who aports. I live beyond space and time therefore I can aport you.


2-19-93 Eagle Read the story

When this happens, imagine yourself on ME, a giant, huge, spotted eagle. Maybe that picture would be good to get out, too.
We are Home Free because Source is on planet earth. What a blessing! How joyous! Celebration time!


Meditations on the New Energy:

22. Sadness, tears, gratitude, deep, deep, deep, joy all at the same time.

23. Maybe it’s the little boy and the little girl, almost androgynous in the very early years.

24. The feeling of gentle ocean waves and rhythm as in breathing. The waves are even breathing me.

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