Chapter 14 Love Play


This brings to mind a very surprising concept from Sophian Gnostic Christianity that I had never heard of anywhere in my journey before I started studying this spiritual path. This teaching is called “Love Play.” Love Play is a delightful relational experience between two people similar to the way children express themselves when they are attracted to each other. An adult almost has to become child-like to enter into a relationship like this.

Being a grandmother, I feel this is why we enjoy our grandchildren so much.
For a change, we have no reason to discipline our grandchildren or try to correct them. The relationship is not one of authority. It’s shared delight in just being with each other. No expectations, just the fun of spending time together, even wasting time together.

Expanding upon the story about the death of my dad on November 1, 1967, I consider the experience I had with my son an example of “Love Play.” After I got the call that my dad had just died, our two children were already in bed. We made flight plans to go to Danville, Illinois and I was packing and getting ready for the trip. After I had washed my hair I went downstairs to the recreation room to dry my hair. My son, Brett’s bedroom was right above me. At that time I had the first chance to realize that I had just lost my dad. I began very softly crying.

After a few minutes I heard little feet in footed pajamas coming down the recreation room steps. Brett was four and a half years old. I looked up and there he was coming straight to me and he climbed up on my lap and said, “Mommy why are you crying?” I had never tried to explain death to our children and this was my first attempt. I said to him, “Honey, Grandpa has just died and he won’t be coming to visit anymore.” I began to talk about fond memories that we had had with my dad.* In my family my dad was the emotional one; who laughed easily and cried easily and was very playful.

Brett and I remembered stories about my dad that I had told him about when I was little. Stories like how playful my dad was when we planted our huge garden and he would talk to each popcorn kernel we planted saying, “this is for a holiday, this is for a Sunday.” The whole garden seemed to be alive and playful. I had told him about scarecrows we had made with my dad… every year as they became more and more elaborate the birds loved them more and more. And then Brett followed with little remembrances he had had with my dad and we shared lovingly for quite a while. The sharing brought smiles and gentle memories of happy times about my dad and Brett’s granddad.

After a while, Brett snuggled on my lap, looked up at me and said “Isn’t this fun, Mommy?” At first my heart sank and I was thinking in an adult way of losing my dad was not fun. Then quickly I got into the consciousness of my very young son and realized how limited his vocabulary was. What he was saying to me was isn’t this wonderful to feel so close and so loving and to share happy memories together? After realizing what Brett said I smiled at him and said ” Yes Brett this is fun!” I had to move into my child’s emotions to feel this beautiful bond between us. In love play, the adult must move into her inner child’s world.

Another example, Inner planes.

Middle Pillar

Middle Pillar

At the time when I first began to go up the twenty days of the Middle Pillar of the Kabballah which is what our Ark of the Covenant, the Mystical Body of Christ, will be starting now, I had an experience that stopped me cold. In Chapter 8, I started to explain how we combine the Kabballah with the Sacred Time of the Mayan Calendar. This path that we are taking now includes the 28 days of the lunar calendar of each month.

As we will be exploring our inner self we begin to meet and understand the various dimensions of ourselves. When I first started going up the Middle Pillar, I got stuck at the Galactic East by an Ascended Master who wouldn’t let me continue. Miri, my Divine Child, is the one who moves up and down the Middle Pillar of the Kabballah. As I got stuck, I got a terrible headache that seemed to split me in two and it would not go away. Fortunately, I had a friend in Sedona whose could see energy fields very easily.  I called her and told her where and how I was stuck and asked her if she could help me.  The days were moving along and I was stuck and I was in pain. She looked at my energy field and said, “Oh, I see what’s happened.” She said, “I’ll hold the space for you as the month continues on and hopefully you’ll be able to move forward.”

Since Miri is a very determined child, she decided in her three year old body to climb up onto this Ascended Master’s lap and begin to be playful. This particular Ascended Master has a white turban on his head with a beautiful gem on the front holding it together. The Divine Child of little girls know they have much charm and she stood on his lap and could barely reach his turban. She starting giggling and began to figure out how to remove the beautiful gem. (Did I say that this particular Ascended Master seemed to me to be quite serious and this is the energy that had to be dissipated?)  This Ascended Master began to feel her charm and smiled.  Soon Miri had removed the gem and the turban fell onto the floor and his beautiful brunette wavy hair fell to his shoulders. Miri continued giggling began running her fingers through his hair and ruffling it up. Of course, he couldn’t resist laughing and becoming playful and embracing her. The serious spell had been broken; they are now good friends. Miri slipped off of his lap, blew him a kiss and continued on her journey.  Of course this was all in the inner planes.  However, in the Mystical Body of Christ, this is as real as it would be in the outer planes.

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