Chapter 19 I and I AM


“I” and “I Am”

This sharing is about the importance of individuality. I feel that a lot of us left our wounded aspects in 3rd dimension, calling her “ego”, and really, a throwaway. Joel Goldsmith uses the term Divine Ego once in his writings.

The physical body seems to be connected to the ego in many cosmologies that I read about. And it is therefore not possible to unify either the ego or the physical body to one’s Spirit.

When coming from Keter down, the Divine Holy Spirit and God Particles will fill the physical body, and the ego, as in the Transfiguration Jesus demonstrated.

I’ve meditated on the transfiguration, and I don’t feel that Jesus had His physical body, or his ego leave his whole self. He demonstrated the final accomplishment of unified physical, emotional, mental, soul, and spiritual unity. For me, this included his ego, which is the aspect of ourselves necessary for us to have individuality while in our physical bodies.

Middle Pillar

Middle Pillar

I feel that His Transfiguration demonstrates what we are to do now, as we prepare for our Ascension. The idea that we will leave our body and our ego behind, I feel can keep us stuck. We must embrace all aspects of ourselves in order to go home.

Therefore the idea that our “I AM ” self resides in Da’at, and is our higher self, and that “I” is the Keter, Cosmic Christ part of ourselves is a part of our understanding of our multidimensional self, for me, which is the Mystical Body of Christ.

David Hawkins, in his book “I”, “Reality and Subjectivity” (the last of a trilogy of books), has a Chart:
“Calibrated Scale of Consciousness: The Enlightened and Divine States”.
It is on page 151&152 , should you want to reference this work of his.
He has:

“I” as Essence of Creation. 1,250
“I” of Ultimate Reality. 1,000+
“I”/Self-Divinity as Allness (Beatific, Vision). 750
“I Am” 650

This is in Chapter 9, and I mention this because it’s the only time I have read something about “I” being a higher frequency than “I Am”. I am trying to communicate my belief that “I Am” gives us the gift of individuality on our way home in Da’at, the Universal Seferoth. Then when we reach the consciousness of “I” in Keter, the Cosmic, Seferoth, we are secure in our individuality.

This is important to me, because I’ve heard many people say during my journeys that they are afraid of going to Cosmic Christ Consciousness because they feel they will be dissolved into the “Cosmic Soup.” Our voyage back home IS the time when we give our individual gifts we’ve brought from Source. This establishes our individual uniqueness, our “I Am” which we then can take to Keter as our “I” Self. All is the Mystical Body of Christ.

image Kabbalah sephroth

Sepheroth, Circles or Medicine Wheels

Only one time so far, have I read a channeling about the Higher Self NOT being the highest self. Last spring a channel was describing a struggle to go into higher realms. She said, “My higher self stopped me!” That’s the first time I’ve ever read that.

I was encouraged, because as I’ve described, that is why Jesus agreed to help me bring my Divine Child down from Keter. Our Divine Child has authority over our Higher Self, or “I AM” presence, or universal self in my cosmology.

December 7th 2016 ~ I just read this article, just exactly what I am talking about, read this!

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Inner work ~ part A

102810 Inner work

102810 Inner work ~ part A)

Unifying the “I.” This is an example of drawing an idea and discovering I hadn’t finished my work. I had moved to Denver by this time. Sometimes, by drawing I can complete a process in my inner work. In this case, I drew my picture, and then this little fuzzball troublemaker appeared grabbing hold of the “I,” and even getting his left shoe into the “I.” I realized immediately that I had more work to do. Back to the Drawing board, as they say.

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Inner work Part B ~ Mir-I-AM

072511 Mir-I-AM

072511 Inner work ~ Part B Mir-I-AM

Inner work – Part B Mir-I-Am
It took a few months to get myself integrated into “I.” This time my little “I” completely surrendered, and she is happy this way.
The words on the stripes are:
On the Top: Jesus said: “The things I do ye shall do also, and greater things shall ye do, because I go to the Father.”
In the Middle: “. . . and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

In the Bottom: “God, I am the energy that fills all space.”
( Baird Spalding – DeVorss Publications

Volume 5, Chapter 12 – Credo

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