How To Navigate this Website

Please Read, we share the best ways to view the site and maneuver to all the pages and how to view the pictures on this site, so that your experience is as rich as this content is.

There is an Introduction under the opening page tab of each site giving you an Overview of all content on each respective site.

These sites were written in a specific order to take you along a journey of history, joyful playfulness and deep wisdom:

First of Six“Tao Humor”
Second of Six – The “Sister Site”
Third of Six – The “Ark and Canoe”
Forth of Six – The “Ark and the Covenant” and
Fifth of Six“Paradise” and
Sixth of Six“Crown Jewel”

All sites are all best viewed on a computer or with an iPad or other tablet. The Menu items and lists  sometimes are plentiful, rich with content, but hard to see them all on a Smart phone. (The menu arrangement changes with how you are using your phone (and tablets sometimes too change) if you are looking at it in linear Portrait mode or in landscape (or HD mode.) Best always in landscape mode like a new TV in High Definition (HD)!

There is a Search box or field at the top right of the main pages where you can put a topic or keyword and then click the “Search” button, this will have the search engine, search the site for that specific article. Less words are always better to use than 2 or 3 or more words. (Unless you know, exactly the words used in an article you are looking for.) You will then get a page with a list of articles where that word or phrase has shown up.

We have put the links to all pages in 3 places.

  • First – of course in the Main Blue Menu Bar at the top with the drop down menu items and sometimes these have sub-items within each of the items.
  • Secondly – on the main page of each Tab/Button on that bar is also a list of the pages with their associated links attached to the name of each. The First Site, TAO Humor Center, sometimes does not have this list setup as much as the other sites.
  • Thirdly – there is a list of “Pages” in the side bar of all the main pages that show the complete list of all pages on that particular site.
image zentangle dragonair Chainlea

Dragonair Chainlea a Zentangle drawing by Miriam!

Most pictures always show up small, (thumbnails) they get large when clicked! Yes they are clickable! Try it here! When your mouse or finger touches the small picture they will get bigger – as big as your screen will allow. To close them, there is either an “X” on the lower right or left corner — or if you are using a standard keyboard with your tablet it has the “esc” button in the upper left corner of your keyboard. That will close the window also.
Another cool feature is – if there are multiple pictures on a page, you can (with a keyboard, on your computer) tap the Space Bar and the pictures will change to the next one in the series.

Also all or most of the pages are set up to open into a New Window or Tab as some folks call them, so to get back to where you were, you could simply close that window by click/tapping the little “X” attached to that opened window. (Usually it is at the tiny top of a tablets open window.) On my iPhone and iPad it is on the left of each Tab. If you only have one page open you won’t see it. It happens when you have many tabs or windows open.

Have you ever noticed that suddenly you have a lot of windows/tabs open? That is why! Lots of sites set up the inner links on a page, to open up in a new window, placed on top of the one you were just reading, by closing it you will find that you are back where you started!

We attempted to give you links back to where you were at the end of some chapters referenced within a story, but we may have missed some. And on some pages you may find a small list of return to… pages if you arrived here click to return…. but if you don’t remember what you were reading before you got there — those links would not help! Best to know how to click that little “X” and just close out the one you are done with and Presto! There you are — back where you were reading before!

I hope these tips and ideas are useful to you. We are happy you are here to read the beauty and knowledge of what Miriam, Rev Absurd and Miri have to share. Thank you!

Now click that “X” and get back to what you were reading before you landed here! 😉

As always we welcome your questions and comments. This Contact info (below) sits at the end of a lot of our pages, as well as our Contact Us link in the main Menu Bar. Thank You!
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