The Humor Cart

To be re-written about the Humor cart

World Healing pictures or the puppet pictures or the cart pictures– what name for sure?

World Healing The Child Within Me Still Lives!  MIR-I-AM

The TAO Humor Center that I facilitated from 1982-2005 was based on the Bible verses, You must become as a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is interesting to explore what these passages mean as an adult. I’ve written about our world healing meditations that we had with stuffed animals. We ended up sending all the puppets and stuffed animals to St. Joseph American Indian School in South Dakota. We had a note with the name and a message from each animal attached to them. We requested that they all be placed in the children’s library so that they could be checked out over night and used for storytelling.  I got a very sweet note from them that that’s where the animals were! They were very happy to get them.

Jeshua, the gypsy violin player, is a puppet that came to me after the shipments had left. All together we probably sent six huge boxes over a period of time.  Fortunately, Jeshua had to come to Wind Crest with me!  We used him in storytelling. He is quite talented, and an interesting being!

Penny Peacock was a gift from our daughter-in-law. She gave it to me three Christmass ago when we got stuck in those huge snow storms.  
Of course, only male peacocks have these fancy feathers, but thats what is fun about playing.  Penny is a girl peacock and still has these fancy feathers! AND a crown! Penny and Jeshua are the best of friends!

I have other stuffed animals back in the apartment. But these are the two that wanted to come today. This is a great topic! I AM looking forward to all the sharing!

We have a motto at the TAO Humor Center. It is: Help stamp out this planets #1 problem: Seriously Serious Seriousness!!! PLAY FIRST! Certainly our INNER child can do this!!

[Written December 14, 2009]