This fourth section of the TAO Humor Center website is the Ark of the Covenant. The completion of the section on the Ark and the Canoe moving into this fourth section of the Ark of the Covenant happened very suddenly. In this section we are focused mostly on the high energies that are available on planet Earth today. There is much work on merging the divine masculine and the divine feminine of one’s self. Also there’s much deep work on Sophian Gnostic Christianity and it’s teaching on Nuclear Fire. These are going deeper and deeper into what I believe Jesus the Christ truly taught. These lost gospels were intentionally and forcibly kept out of His sacred teachings.

Today we are fortunate to have so many beautiful, advanced teachers of spirituality who have websites. We will be connecting you with a number of these sacred persons who are sharing themselves and the divine teachings they have experienced.

Humor in relaying these teachings is often a divine quality that helps the human subconscious absorb it’s own divinity.