Chapter 4 Day 9 BitterSweet

August 3, 2017, Galactic East, Tiferet Sepheroth
Thursday, Yellow Resonant Human, Kin 72, Root Chakra

Participating, Watching Unusual Creations.

These frail wind sculptures are fascinating in so many ways. They seem appropriate to the way I’m feeling about adjusting to our new government coming in, and the freedom that is allowing humanity to ascend back into our original forms in unity with our Creator and the whole company of Heaven.

The first time I saw these, I was wishing that the pictures of these creatures being overcome by the wind, or being pulled by their creator, would have been put in the middle of the YouTube instead at the end. I wanted to see a progression of perfection until complete success was achieved!

I realize that I’m feeling the same way about our new Republic of the U.S.A. that is sneaking in behind the scenes, and the U.S.A., Inc, that is fading away into the sunset. Apparently there are only a small number of people, relative to our population that know! And the people who notice something is going on are either scared to death or catatonic. Some people are protesting, and some are trying to change things to what “We the People” want. The spiritual people are in deep prayer, meditation, and spiritual practices.

Those of us who have known since youth about the dark government are deeply grateful. At last, finally, and hopefully in my lifetime! Yet, and still I am surprisingly experiencing a huge adjustment of my own which has descended on me. I am noting a few of the focusings that are helping me gently come into my new reality.

  1. Participating, watching unusual creations.
  2. Appreciating the huge skies.
  3. Loving human experiences, woven into life changing events.

Appreciating the Huge Skies

I am going out to watch the sunsets, this month. Right now, they are around 8:00 P.M. I live in a Senior Community, and there is a huge vista of the foothill mountains, a range of huge mountains, and a range of even taller snowcapped mountains behind that from southwest to the whole of the north. It is a huge wrap around vista!

To mountain, sky, and desert people this is amazingly beautiful! To me, it’s a slow adjustment to feel relaxed in such huge, vast, expanses. I am experiencing, seeing, and feeling enormous Colorado skies that change continuously. I go out around 30 minutes before the sun slips behind the mountains, then watch the colors in the clouds recede until the light blue in the sky turns grey.

I am not a “huge sky” person. I grew up in Illinois, and lived my adult life in Northern Virginia. I am a water, earth, and tree person. I like to sit under cozy trees, and feel protected. I’ve been here 9 years, and am just beginning to appreciate the beauty of the sky. The apartment my husband and I chose, was on the other side of the building with a patio on a cozy landscaped “stone dry creek” with trees, bushes, shrubs, and western grasses, facing east. I’ve always been a morning person, too.

Being out to experience my newly added nature event, is giving me time and space to ponder the new reality I am conscious of becoming totally immersed in. I do sit on a bench under 2 cozy little trees. Maybe by the end of the month, I will be able to move out more into the open. In the meantime and am peaceful and the vast sky above me feels very friendly.

Loving Human Experiences, Woven into Life Changing Events.
Boris, Herb’s Teddy Bear.

 I was out watching the light recede in the clouds for about an hour, and I was reminded of Boris. Boris was Herb’s teddy bear when Herb had back surgery a number of years ago. Herb, upon meeting the new Teddy Bear, immediately named him “Boris”. He was named after Herb’s favorite tennis star of the era. Boris, living at the TAO Humor Center, became good friends with the other stuffed animals. He 🐻was cinnamon colored and about 2 feet tall and very handsome. Boris, of course participated in the Stuffed Animal Global Healing Meditations we had. Read more…  Stuffed Animal Meditation.

Boris, being a personal friend of Herbs, was NOT one of the stuffed animals we gave away to the St. Joseph’s Indian School. Boris moved with us to Denver. Read more…  Starry Telling and Once Upon a Time.

When Herb got sick with dementia, our daughter and I realized it was time to make some memorial plans. Leaving that undone would cause stress to end days that we would want to spend with Herb. When Tami and I were making plans for the cremation of Herb’s body, we were asked if we wanted anything put in the casket to accompany Herb. We thought Boris would be a good companion to go with him, even tho he would be cremated too, of course.

Well a couple months later, when Herb was dying, and I was sleeping in his room on a chair, I was snuggling with Boris. 🐻 I distinctly heard Boris say, “I DON’T WANT TO GO.” Well I knew in a flash, what he meant. Herb was breathing the end of Life breath and it was pretty spooky! Also, I realized Boris 🐻 realized he would not last too long in the Fire. So, I answered him🐻 I told Boris I would find another friend for Herbie. The next day I found a little beaded angel that said she’d be glad to accompany Herb on his journey.

The following night Herb transitioned, and the next morning we had to remove Herb’s belongings. My son, daughter in law, and 2 grandchildren were helping pack Herb’s things. We had piles of give away and things take to my apartment. After my family had left, I looked for Boris in the bags, but he wasn’t there! He was big, so he would be hard to miss. I called the family and nobody packed him. He seemed to just be gone! I went back to Herb’s room, and Boris just wasn’t there! 🐻

I finally thought jokingly at first, maybe Boris Ascended! Then I thought, that maybe he really did Ascend! Finally our family all agreed at least that was a happy ending! Boris wanted to greet Herb on the other side, intact! And so he did!!!

This is an example of sad life changing events such as the death of my spouse of many years, being interwoven with warm, happy, loving, memories to help ease the transition into being a widow.