Day 1 Happy New Year

Yellow Crystal Seed Year

July 26, 2017 through July 25, 2018
Magnetic Moon of Purpose. Month One
Unify * Attract * Purpose

July 26, 2017, Planetary East, Malkut Sepheroth
Wednesday, Yellow Crystal Seed, Kin 64, Crown Chakra

Happy New Year!

I want to mention a point about the Dreamspell Mayan Calendar that has been a subject of controversy. In the Dreamspell, the Day out of Time includes throwing out the Glyph and the Tone. (If you have The New Mayan Calendar, follow it now. It’s easier to understand right now since we just made the New Year shift.)

In other words, the last day of the 2016/2017 was Monday, July 24, 2017, Day 28, White Planetary Wind, Kin 62.

On the Day out of Time, July 25, 2017, Kin 63, Blue Spectral Night, the Glyph AND the Tone (11), were thrown out.

This then brings up Yellow Crystal (12) Seed, Kin 64, as the first day of this New Year.

As a result of throwing out the glyph and the tone, we end up every year with only 4 glyphs of the 20, being possible to start the new year. The Red Glyph will be Moon, The White Glyph will be Wizard, the Blue Glyph will be Storm, and the Yellow Glyph will be Seed. All of the tones, 1-13, will spiral through, but we will have only 4 (of 20) glyphs represented.

We can see that if the next day, Blue Spectral Night had been included in the rotation, we would start rotating in Blue Night as well as Blue Storm, and eventually all 20 glyphs would be included. This is just one of the differences that has caused Mayan Time Keepers to invalidate each others’ calendars. And the similar outcome of such behaviors is like all the Protestants disagreeing on the right creed.  The important part of Christianity is Lord Jesus Christ Messiah, not the creeds.

The important part of the Mayan Calendars is that they take us to the sacred Tzolkin, which puts us on the Sacred Spiral to the Source of all Life. The Gregorian Calendar with it’s uneven days of the month, and only twelve months, keeps us in the illusion of dark untruth. It will be amazing as Humanity awakens to the power that this insidious trick alone has had over our consciousness. Humanities awakening, is tied to the consciousness of Gaia herself returning also to Source.

Divine Human and Holy Love
I am including these 3 segments from chapters of Glenda Green’s book, “Love Without End”, to begin our New Year. Since Divine Love is the Glue of the Cosmos, spending time integrating its qualities into our bodies must be inspirational to all of us. This book, written in 1998, was my favorite book until Tau Malachi’s the Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas was published. Both are to me Mystical Wisdom from the Messiah.

Birth Trauma – Separation
“Love Without End”
Glenda Green

I and I AM.
I am returning again to the importance I feel about the Truth of including the ego and the body in our Human/Divine Being. We can call it Divine Ego, if we wish. To me, the Higher Self (Soul) lives in Da’at. The Higher Self in the journey home, is important because it gives us the knowing that we will always be an individual being. Even when we return to the Oneness of Keter, we will have our own identity.

This section of Jesus explaining the Birth Trauma/Separation for many people will give more understanding from another perspective. I have included chapter 19, I and I AM as a referral to this important fear. Our eagerness and joy in returning Home is included in this Gnosis of the Heart.

Click to read: I and I Am

Birth Trauma – Separation
“Love Without End” – Glenda Green
In the Chapter “Wondrous Universe”
Pages 67 and 68, First Edition

There are many therapies having to do with hypnotic regressions into past lives. Do they work, and are they of any value?

“It all depends on the honesty of those facilitating and receiving the remembrance. As to the value, that lies entirely in letting go, in releasing that which is no longer useful. Sincere and thorough forgiveness will accomplish the same thing.”

I followed that with a question which was more ‘loaded’ than I expected, “Is there anything forgotten in our collective past that we need to know about?”

“There is the original birth trauma which most people are still experiencing.”

“What’s a birth trauma,” I thought? Before I could get the words out, he was already addressing my question.

“There was a time before which you were, but there will never be a time after which you are not. There was a time when you were one and complete within the Source of Love. Love, however, decided to give you immortality as yourself and to grant you an identity of your own. It was a great and glorious gift that you were given, full of promise, opportunity, and responsibility. But the children of god, having no point of reference other than the simplicity of a common light, experienced it as shock and interpreted the gift of life as separation. Many deeply wounded themselves by viewing it as rejection.

“That was a tragic misconception, and many of the problems and pains that have been suffered by humanity are the result of this birth trauma. Some people can relate to this directly, because the trauma of physical birth also has left them with emotional scars of rejection and isolation. After years of dysfunctional relationships, recognition of the problem and correct therapy has often proven to be healing.

“How much more significant it will be when the soul recognizes its duress and awakens to its magnificent endowment.”

“What is preventing the realization?”

“People are torn between wanting to go Home and fearing the loss of personal identity and freedom…wanting to stay apart and fearing the perils of becoming lost. It must be realized that even though you are one with your Source, you will never be resorbed into collective anonymity. Having an individual place within the one spirit honors each person, and there will never be a time after which you are not.

“You have been given eternal life in your own name. When you are able to comprehend the grandeur of that gift, you will be able to experience your birth anew with ecstasy.

“You viewed it as separation the first time and have dramatized and structured it as separation ever since. Herein is man’s dependency upon structure and his obsession with it. For structure has become a substitute source of security. The great healing that is soon to take place on the earth will lift mankind above the trauma of his original birth, revealing the truth of his being, and establishing his place of honor within the wondrous universe.”

“Love Without End”

Glenda Green

This segment from “Love without End” once again helps us move from the duality of judgement into the union of discernment of the Middle Pillar of the Kabbalah. For me, learned knowing from my body sensations are the key for very deep discernment that I often need. I have spoken about this in Chapter 10 Reading the Senses of My Body.

“Love Without End” – Glenda Green
In the Chapter “Your Rights and Freedoms”,
page 285 and 286, First Edition.

“Love always seeks for betterment, for ways of making life more workable, joyful, whole, and beautiful.  Love examines every option available to bring about an improvement in life.  This kind of discernment is an act of decency, not an act of judgment.  Rigid philosophies of judgment will seek to establish structure as a substitute for decency, control as a substitute for trust, and lower logic as a substitute for higher consciousness.  Those who empower judgment in their lives generally live within dualistic formulas, where everything is labeled good or bad – usually bad.  Judgment is a mockery of goodness and decency, for the sole intent of judgment is control.  The worst thing about judgment is the deadly disease called irresponsibility.  The most insidious intent of judgment is to assign control to those in a dominant position, and responsibility to those who are dominated.  This is an unstable arrangement, for it is based on dishonesty.  Eventually those in control will declare there to be no such thing as right and wrong, lest responsibility be forced upon them.”

His comment reminded me of some current popular philosophies which propose to undo the harm of judgment by simply declaring, “No right, no wrong.”  I wanted to know if this was just a radical reaction to prior judgments or if such trends in thinking were part of the process of developing consciousness and greater tolerance.

“Although such ideas represent a relinquishing of judgment – and that is good – their naivetu is not up to dissipating a very toxic problem.  It is a kind of superficial idealism that may be compared to closing down of a toxic mining operation, while leaving the mining shafts open for unsuspecting children to fall to their death.  True resolution demands an understanding of the true problem.  The problem developed as man left his innocent heart and transferred his higher intelligence to the mechanics of the mind.  When humankind left its home, it entered the world of judgment and hardship.  The mind is interested only in control, and has no interest in right and wrong for purposes of bringing decency to life.  Only the heart cares about decency, and only the heart pursues it with earnest concern for the outcome of human endeavor.  By returning to the heart you will find the direction of true growth, creation, production, and innocence.  This was the story of Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge of right and wrong.  To gain more control over life, they chose the world of mind-centered judgment and left the garden of heart-centered innocence.  Adam and Eve are merely representatives for all your ancestors who made that choice, who then created an involvement with sin by accepting and forwarding the powers of judgment.  Now the consequences of judgment have to run full course until judgment self-consumes, and the error of judgment is universally exposed.

“Once you have conquered in yourself the tendency to separate and be separated, at last you will be able to apply wisdom to the process of discernment.  Instead of harsh and daunting labels such as right and wrong, you may discern in terms of loving allowance and loving disallowance.  Consider, for example, a rattlesnake.  Could you allow it to live in the desert, where it may serve its place in nature, and yet disallow it to take up residence in your back yard?  There is a time and place for all things, and discernment is the act of loving allowance or loving disallowance.

“The long era of judgment has been man’s darkest night, but that will end when the last judgment has been made.  You can hasten that day by understanding that the last judgment will be the judgment against judgment itself.  Human consciousness at last will rise in splendor like a valiant bridegroom to join his bride, the Sacred Heart.  This is the Holy Wedding that has been the dream of prophets.  Then there will be peace on earth.  For now seek betterment of life in all the ways that are available to you.  Enjoy every opportunity for positive change.  Make the most of every day.

“Last of all, you have a right to your own beliefs.  What you believe is your most sincere prayer.”

Everything became still, and for a while there was only silence.  Then he gently uttered these poignant and simple words.  “As a man loves, so he is.  As he believes, so he becomes.

Sacred Heart
“Love Without End”

Glenda Green

This script was written in 1999, and revised in 2002. (Here are several editions. This may be in another chapter in some editions.) This is the best explanation of the heart I have ever read that is in line with Sophian Gnostic Christianity. It is foundational to the understanding of Divine Love.

Sacred Heart
“Love Without End” Glenda Green
In the Chapter “He Spoke”,
pages 33 – 37, First Edition.

“Infinity is not a subject limited to vast spaces – or even to immeasurably small ones. Infinity is not about quantity at all. It’s actually about quality. Let me tell you about your heart.”
This was early on, and was to be the cornerstone of much that he would teach me. “The heart I speak of is not the physical organ, although the physical organ is an appropriate instrument for the true heart, because the physical organ nourishes your body with life blood every moment. The heart I speak of is the central focus point of your very soul. It is the lens through which your soul integrates all of your earthly emotions and all of your divine awareness into a focused point of infinite possibility. This point is on the threshold of your physical existence, at a point slightly below and behind your physical heart.”
Then he said, “Locate it.”
When I did, it is as if my whole framework just vibrated and pulsed with energy. There was a sense of life within me, and it required no thought to move into that point. Simply focusing upon it and being aware if its existence was empowering.
“This is the source of power your Creator has established within you, not your mind. Your mind is merely a servant, and it behaves well if it is given positive impulses; it behaves very poorly if it is given negative impulses. The heart generates all of the earthly emotions as well as compassionate feeling from the higher realms. But it is so much more than just emotion. It is infinite awareness, and the basis of all the higher consciousness you will ever assimilate. It is from this power, within the center of your being, that the entire script of your life is written. Live in your heart to either fulfill the script of your life or to rewrite it. Not in your mind. Your mind is powerless to bring that about. But every desire of your heart will be fulfilled.”
He then mentioned something that seemed to be an historical event, although perhaps it was metaphorical. I don’t know, and perhaps it doesn’t matter. “There was a time when the heart was so distraught with life that it was spinning in upon itself, filling the mind with contradictions and chaos generated by the heart’s despair. The servant mind attempted mutiny over the master heart because the mind at least was logical, and life demanded no less than survival. The heart was losing command through its own reactive conflicts. Therefore, the mind felt completely justified in usurping or dominating what it perceived to be irrational. It set out to conquer the heart by generating its own reality. Within this self-created reality, the mind would present itself as the source of intelligence instead of the exquisite instrument of intelligence it was created to be.”
“At its best the mind is logical. In pursuit of logic it avoids incomprehensible circumstances or seeks to control them until they submit to some form of reason. From the viewpoint of the mind, control and understanding are one and the same. The mind assumes that it understands whatever it controls, and often in pursuing control it will simply invent some part of reality or fill in the blanks with what it considers to make sense. This is the nexus – the center of duress – in a mind-dominated person or world. It is the single most important reason to require that the mind serve as a tool for developing and applying intelligence and not be confused with its source. Most especially, it is important to realize that the mind is not who you are!”
He said today even as we speak, this inversion occurs in the lives of many people. “Usurping a troubled heart is not the answer. Substituting control for understanding will only deplete your life, leaving it stripped of richness, power and meaning. The answers to healing your life will be found in the inner strength of your heart. Only correct understanding will accomplish this, and that requires addressing the problem for what it really is.”
He suggested that I earnestly practice this every day. “I give your three practices: The first is to strengthen all of your positive emotions through daily gratitude and admiration. The second is to disempower your negative emotions daily through forgiveness. The third practice you will have to work at a little more diligently, but, Glenda, I think this will come easier for you than for some people, because you practice this already as an artist. What I’m referring to is innocent perception.”
What do you mean?
“OK, look out the window. Now look back at me and tell me immediately what you saw.”
“I saw five branches, and there were four birds on the wall. Also there were two little twigs on the window sill along with some bird droppings.”

“Good. That was innocent perception. You simply told me like a child what you saw. This is what children do so well. They just perceive and respond without pre-conception. This is what you did in your childhood, and you retained the ability a little better than some. Now, if the mind had answered me, the mind would probably have hesitated for just a moment while it gained control. Under the cover of hesitation, you would have blocked out what you saw, and then you might have reported to me something like this: ‘Well I think I saw twelve branches, six twigs, three birds and an empty window sill.’ Because the mind feels most comfortable within structure and logical progressions, it tends to impose artificial order.”
“In other words, your mind would have rewritten the script to ‘improve’ upon it or to match new perceptions to its own preconceptions. Thereby it would attempt its own designing and redesigning of what is. This is what the complex, sophisticated mind tends to do always. It looks for idealized patterns that it can impose on existence and then calls them divine. You do not have to do anything to make this universe divine. All you have to do is to perceive and then to regard with honor that which is already here. Behold, be grateful, and forgive that which you did not understand or control. For life is divine. It is perfect, and it naturally manifests the will of its Creator.”

Such a beautiful blessing of life made me feel like a child again, alive with expectation. At that moment, in his presence, everything glowed in the innocence of its native state. I could see how the mind, attempting to generate reality had performed a tyranny upon my life and our world.
There was one moment when he strongly reinforced a similar realization. “Logic is outwardly manifested as structural organization. Like the mind, structure is a wonderful instrument for bringing about orderly conduct of life, so long as structure does not have dominant and controlling authority. All of the oppressive structures which you experience in the world are from mind-generated concepts imposing structural perfection upon a natural and greater perfection that is already present but perhaps less controllable. Often the mind breaks things in order to fix them for a price or to bring about its own control. This includes breaking lives, breaking hearts, breaking souls, breaking relationships, and breaking wills, just to gain the upper hand through some invented or glorified structure, which it presents as ‘the answer.’
“In such a world, dominated by mind and oppressive structures, to make life more bearable, the heart became the willing servant. The heart’s reserve of compassion and intelligence were so great that it effectively compensated for all the loveless barriers and oppressive formulas that mind-generated realities had sanctioned. With such concessions by the heart, the inversion was then complete. In a world where the mind lead and the heart followed, the greater dignity of the heart was forgotten, locked behind a prison door, and forbidden the freedom of exit. In such a world the heart was considered to be feminine, adaptive and sentimental, a center of awareness which serves a person’s emotion and creative needs only…a ‘wife’ to the mind, but nothing more.”
He explained that this was the tragedy of our upside down world and that it was his gift and chosen task to come and restore the heart to its true power. “When the heart is in its rightful place, the mind then can be truly of service, and ironically it becomes both brilliant and blissful. In a rightful combination with the heart, there will be moments of genius irrespective of the mind’s educational level.”
“Like any instrument of service, the mind works best within established and limited parameters. One of the indelible characteristics of the mind is that it must have at least two points of fixed reference in order to be operable. Thus, it simply cannot deal with infinity. By comparison, the heart is centered on a viewpoint of infinity, and from this it draws its power to deal with life profoundly. When the mind serves the heart, anything is possible, although when the heart serves the mind there is perpetual limitation. Emotional energy will seethe and boil into restless liability.”