Chapter 3 Day 1 Our Divine Inheritance

Month 13
June 27, 2017-July 24, 2017

Cosmic Moon of Presence
Endure * Transcend * Presence

June 27, 2017, Planetary East, Malkut Sepheroth
Tuesday, Blue Solar Eagle, Kin 35, Crown Chakra

Last month’s focus was Trinity Flame of NewClear Fire. This Flame of the Fire of the Transfiguration, the Resurrection, and the Ascension Flame all is in One. It represents the Messiah, Yeshua and Kallah. This Flame is the connecting link between our Divine and Human Selves, and can transform us into our Divine Human Selves!

All dross of untruths are burned off and disappear with the Supernal Power of this Flame. This Flame includes Universal Untruths and Cosmic Untruths. This month we will converse about what the Cosmic truths are, that NOW are Divine Law. Since Universal Truths are over ruled by Cosmic Law, we will mainly focus on what Cosmic Law insures us: Our Divine Inheritance.

It is against Cosmic Law for the Divine Inheritance of any divinely created being to be taken away from him/her or tampered with in any way. Our Divine Inheritance includes perfect health, abundance of all good things, success in our spiritual missions, ecstasy and joy, protection and safety. Therefore, it includes the Transfiguration, the Resurrection and the Ascension qualities to restore us to our originally created Divine Self.

The truth is that at our highest level, the Divine Creation of humanity is not part of the illusion. We are still one with our God, our Twin Flames and their Divine Love that is the power of the Cosmos. We are, and always will be, Our Divine Selves as we were Divinely Created in the beginning.

Since this is our Divine Inheritance as stated in the Bible and other divine revelations, we do not have to keep asking for what is already ours. We can now speak Truth to power because that is Cosmic Law. Divine health, wealth, spiritual success, joy and safety is our Divine Inheritance and we can request it for all of humanity – past, present and future – as the activation of Cosmic Law. This is our Inheritance as Children of God. This never can be or has been taken away from us at our highest level.

We are now remembering this truth. There is no end to this power from the Divine Trinity; the Source of all Life, Mother/Father God, and the Divine Creator. All Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence ultimately starts and completes with this Supernal Source of all Life.