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July 21, 2017, Cosmic Center, Tiferet Sepheroth
Friday, Blue Resonant Storm, Kin 59, 2nd Chakra

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Now I am studying Mystical Christianity and the Kaballah. The Kaballah is called the TREE OF LIFE. I just finished a ten week class studying Mysticism. There were 80 of us in the class! So, here I am in my elder life, studying the Tree of Life!

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The 84 Qualities

39. Soul and spirit, necessary to distinguish 5 trees of life, not 4

Love Without End The Mind (Love Without EndGlenda Green
The Mind, Pages 37-41)

“I presume that he expected me to overwhelm them in some manner as soon as I was surrounded. Perhaps I was supposed to disappear or turn the soldiers into pillars of stone or trees. Perhaps I was supposed to turn into a dove and fly away. He expected something miraculous to happen, and it did. But the miracle that happened was far too great for Judas to envision. Because the miracle that happened is that I simply surrendered.”

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Chapter 3 Buried Memories

Okay, are you with us? By us, I mean Miri, Miriam and (Gone Fishing) and Reverend Absurd. Now we have the map, Kabbalah, we are journeying on. Were mainly on the Middle Pillar of 5 Medicine Circles or Sepheroth stacked on top of each other, the 5 Trees of Life creating the complete Tree of Life.

Chapter 16 List of Qualities and Feelings
AND Chapter 29 Day 15 The 84

(The first partial List of Qualities )
39. Soul and spirit, necessary to distinguish 5 trees of life, not 4

Chapter 12 Miris Revelation

They quickly focused on the next move. What is the best way to voyage from Malkut to Keter (the whole middle pillar of the Kabbalah) also called the Tree of Life. Ktre and Miri responded that they had a surprise answer. They knew of the necessity to succeed. The vehicle had to be the strongest and the most Holy. This would be the Merkabah. There are hundreds of reasons humans had not been able to advance spiritually. Most of them had to do with the dark forces having a multitude of ways to keep humanity from remembering who we are!

Chapter 22 Day 5 Blue Crystal Night

Notice we are now at Yesod. These are the aspects that represent emotions and feelings, including senses and sensations from the body. This for me, is my key sepheroth, because of my inner child and clown work. To me, this connects directly to the soul. I will note here, that many spiritual cosmologies leave out 1 of the 5 trees represented in the Kabbalah. I do not believe this will work. It is usually the emotional body and/or the soul that are left out. One hears a lot about body, mind, and spirit. In the Course in Miracles, This actually resulted in a lawsuit, and the Sparkly Edition was born. This has caused almost 40 years of pain and misinformation for teachers and students alike, in my opinion.

Chapter 23 Day 9 Blue Electric Hand

I was the one who cried when you read the Black Elk passage at the Torpedo Factory. I was the one who inspired the three pictures that were on television; Black Elks vision, the Return of the Animals and the Celebration Carousel! My depression has been so deep because I didn’t see the mending of the Sacred Hoop happening. I didnt see the Tree of Life in the center alive and flowering.

Chapter 24 Day 13 DA’AT Blue Resonant Monkey

Now look at the reconstructed Kabbalah. This is the one my guidance had me build as my garden. This Kabbalah has 13 sepheroth and 30 paths. The original had 11 sepheroth (but 1 unattached and not numbered) with 22 paths. The picture of the magic mirror that keeps Daat blocked off is in a book, The Fruits of the Tree of Life, by Omraam Michael Aivanhov.

Page 52. This is extremely important, because, it appears that many spiritual seekers who are trying to get back to Source and the Godhead, don’t realize that there are 2 more Levels: the Universal, Soul, or Daat Sepheroth, AND the Cosmic, Spirit, or Keter Sepheroth, that are secret and invisible! This IS the truth that must be unmasked! NOW!

Chapter 24 Day 15 Red Solar Skywalker

This information is SO important. It really fits in with my inner child work, and the Kabbalah, and Sophian Gnostic Christianity. One of the big spiritual understandings is the 5 bodies. Physical, emotional, mental, soul, and spiritual. Leave any one of them out, and I believe we cannot return home to Keter! The 5 trees of life are all essential in the one tree of life. AND: 39. Both Soul and Spirit, necessary to distinguish the 5 Trees of Life, Not just 4. =====~*~=====~*~=====~*~=====~*~=====~*~=====~*~

Chapter 25 Day 18 Yellow Crystal Warrior

Miri calls this southern origin of hers, the Land of Milk and Honey. This is her home, and she has co-created what she calls a velveteen landscape. It has grown through the years. It started with velveteen trees, and there is a little brook close to the trees. The trees are spaced around the brook so plenty of sunlight gets through even as they grow. Of course the trees look and feel like velvet. And all the rest of the landscape is as soft. The brook has pretty rocks that frogs sit on, and reeds, cattails, and ferns of ALL kinds on the banks. There are little orange fish with big smiles, that jump out of the brook just for fun! Farther back from the banks of the brook, are beautiful flowers of all colors. If there is a color you cant find, one will manifest for you immediately just magically! Everyone gets to have their favorite flowers and colors here, in the Land of Milk and Honey.

Chapter 26 Day 21 Blue Lunar Storm

(This is a Bounce down from the Read More on the picture of the Middle Pillar above.)

A quote from Chapter 3 Buried Memories:

Okay, are you with us? By us, I mean Miri, Miriam and (Gone Fishing) and Reverend Absurd. Now we have the map, Kabbalah, we are journeying on. Were mainly on the Middle Pillar of 5 Medicine Circles or Sepheroth stacked on top of each other, the 5 Trees of Life creating the complete Tree of Life.

At the top of these circles is now a beautiful heavenly canoe ready to bring our divine children down here to us, our ground crew. Yes, even our ego, the embodied part of us who had the courage to come here in the first place. She is the linchpin in this story. The linchpin that holds all other aspects of us together.

Having been a white water canoeist for a large part of my adult life, I’m well aware of the dangers in canoeing. So, I look up at the canoe above Mt. Jefferson and see Miri sitting in the middle of the canoe. She has asked for Lord Jesus to be at the stern and for Lady Mary to be at the bow. Also, Archangel Metatron is hovering over them in the canoe. By now, you must realize, if you’re going on a journey with Miri, Lord Jesus and Lady Mary will be present! This IS the whole point of our journey! Journeying with the Highest.

Down, down, spiraling down through the five Sepheroth with Jesus at the stern, Lady Mary at the bow, we arrive safely at the eastern gate of Malkut. (See image above.)

Chapter 28 Day 9 Building My Vision

“I had a dream about a month ago that seemed very real. I was in a forest. The trees were Northern evergreens, and deciduous trees of the Midwest. There were beautiful lake shores, and crisp air. I was noticing roads were started, connecting clearings in groves of trees. Buildings were framed in, just at the beginning of construction.”

From The Ark and the Covenant Site: =====~*~=====~*~=====~*~=====~*~=====~*~=====~*~
Chapter 1 Day 1 The Trinity Flame

Verse 19: Jesus said, “Blessed is he who came into being before he came into being. If you become my disciples and listen to my words, these stones will minister to you. For there are five trees for you in Paradise which remain undisturbed summer and winter and whose leaves do not fall. Whoever becomes acquainted with them will not experience death.”

I strongly suggest that you get the book, The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas by Tau Malachi, if you haven’t already. We are so blessed to have Tau Malachi living on this planet with us now! His learning has come from an actual linage of teachers of Sophian Gnostic Secret teachings, not written down until now. His writings are so uplifting and inspiring. Also very gentle and ever so deep!

Chapter 1 Day 12 Breathing Meditation

The information coming from many sources is that if we can get TWIN Flames together in the physical, the Divine Love would be so great that anything Anti-Christ would just dissolve. Only the Original Creation of Christ/the Messiah would be in every Tree of Life in the whole Kabbalah. There have been many attempts to help the original *Twin Flames to reunite, and they have met much opposition by the dark ones. It must be important that this is accomplished!

Chapter 1 Day 13 NewClear Fire

(The References At the very bottom of the page:)

1 References to Middle Pillar meditation in Healing book.

Gnostic Healing Revealing The Hidden Power Of God
Tau Malachi & Siobhan Houston

Appendix 5, Middle Pillar of The Tree of Life Meditation, page 145 147.

Chapter 1 Day 20 Sparkelies

The five radiant, holy breaths are: The Root Breath, The Naval Breath, The Solar Plexus Breath, The Heart Breath and The Jar or Vase Breath. Each one of these breaths are connected with one of the Five Sepheroths of the Tree of Life.