Chapter 1 Day 20 “Sparkelies”

May 21, 2017, Cosmic North, Keter Sepheroth
Sunday, White Spectral Mirror, Kin 258, Solar Plexus Chakra

Now that we’ve had about a week to integrate the NewClear Fire into ourselves, let’s focus on some additional possibilities to help us go deeper. Union with the Messiah in every possible way, is our goal.

Connecting to former Deep Spiritual Practices:

One ~ A while back, there was a set of audio meditations I did. For some reason, the way the teacher said, Breathe in……………. Breathe out…………., breathe in……………. Breathe out, caused a deep relaxation response in my body and emotions. The way she said it, the timing between repeating, the rhythm, everything was perfect for me.

I haven’t listened to those audio tapes for a few years, however when I started working with this NewClear Fire, I spontaneously began to hear Jesus say to me, from inside me, the same words in the same way to me. Breathe in, ………….. Breathe out. ………………..

I was so amazed and grateful for that tremendous reassurance and sweetness. It reinforced my knowing of the importance of this new practice for myself.

Two ~ On my book list, I have “Living on Love “The Messenger” by Klaus Joehle. This book is about breathing in Love, as healing. In the Epilogue, starting on page 210, he gives the basic meditation, and variations. In the book, he has described how this has worked for him. On page 160 there is even a description of how this meditation has changed the past! Read Klaus Joehle’s Live Journal

In the book, Klaus meets his guardian angel, who is in the form of a leprechaun! His name is Sneakey! The teachings are quite profound, and yet Sneakey is a really funny little being. Klause and he have some great rounds of battles, because the two of them are very alike in temperament. Of course, being a clown and having learned huge lessons in the form of humor, is really familiar to Rev. Absurd and my aspects. Miri wants a little Leprechaun playmate, too! Klaus Joehle also wrote, “A Weekend With ‘a’ Drunken Leprechaun, “Finding Your Joy”, and “Living on Love, (The Rest of the Story)”, which is quite serious.

This book is, for me, so similar to my work. The main thing I need to do to transfer this work is to bring it down from Keter. There are so many wonderful meditations and Spiritual Practices, that can be used for bringing the NewClear Fire down, that we already know! It’s just a matter of bringing it down from Keter, instead of trying to get it up to Keter.  So be on the alert for transferring practices we already know.

Three ~ Another practice I’m familiar with is seeing and experiencing our food as alive and perfect for us. There are a number of spiritual leaders who have various teachings on this principle.

One teacher had us experiencing our food as Sparkelies. Joel Goldsmith takes us into the principal of the Omnipresence of food. Now Miri can transfer the 84 new qualities of Dec. 1, 2016 right into our food for Supernal Sustenance.

This is a sparkelie purse Miri really wanted, made in India! We even use it to meditate on!

image Sparkelie purse

A disagreement between adult self and child self:

One ~ After this NewClear Fire came in, I had specific guidance on what to do.  However, Miri and Miriam had huge differences on how to accomplish them.  I usually choose my inner child’s preference because this is the Inner Child Ascension Path (ICAP).  However, this time it didn’t seem wise.  I called one of my advisors for coaching.  She said “I’m sorry, Miriam, I can’t hear you, there is somebody screaming above you.”  I said, “That would be Miri.”  This was a rather serious decision and my coach was able to get me calmed down to listen to Miri.  I knew for sure in this instance I needed to be calm and balanced.

When I went to sleep that night I asked my guidance for my two aspects to come together again and for me to have an understanding of how I should approach this decision.  Thankfully, when I woke up in the morning, everything was clear and peaceful and I was so grateful to understand exactly the path I should follow.

The reason I’m mentioning this is that this is the most important thing we can do in the Inner Child Ascension Path. We must make sure that our aspects are all aligned with each other.  I know after all these years, if my aspects have not become aligned, I probably would not have been able to move forward with the guidance I had received.  Again, having all your aspects aligned is a primary requirement for a successful Inner Child Ascension Path (ICAP). Here’s an article that came in today that describes how to get these aspects together.

Fantasize ~ imagine and visualize things you want to do.

One ~ Another thing that has happened spontaneously since I have been working with the NewClear fire is imagining that it has brought down at least the Fifth Dimension from above.  Although I don’t use dimension like this, I would say the Light Workers will be in some aspect of Transfiguration, Resurrection, and or Ascension.  We will be imagining how our gifts will look in the physical form here on the new earth.  As I mentioned earlier, I had a dream where my Dad was physically building my new TAO Humor Center.  In this kind of imagining I want to be sure my five senses are completely experiencing the fantasy.

Two ~ I imagine I am actually stepping into the whole environment of the fantasy.  I first use my sense of vision to explore what is surrounding me. Then I notice how the air smells, what I feel below my feet, the coolness of the air, the warmth of the sunshine, any aromas, all sounds and anything I want to touch.  *I have created a short story in “Grinns Fairy Tales” entitled Doily Lama, by Miri.  This is an example of how to step into your vision. Read: “Grinns Fairy Tales” entitled Doily Lama, by Miri.


In the spiritual practice or meditation of the NewClear fire, many variations are appearing.  These would be according to your interests and spiritual training.

One ~ The first variation is that you can do this practice alone.  The only necessity is that the person in the inner planes needs to be the opposite sex as yourself.  For instance, if you are in a female body, you can invite any of the male Ascended Masters to do this meditation with you.  And, if you are in a male body, any of the female Ascended Masters.  I already discovered that they are very anxious to bring the NewClear fire all the way down through planet earth (Miri, of course chooses Yeshua Messiah every time).  

Two ~ For the second variation, instead of the Sophian Gnostic Middle Pillar Meditation1, the meditation you’re most relaxed and familiar with would be the one for you to use.  Whatever meditation or spiritual practice gets you the most relaxed is the one to use.

When you get to the feeling and visualizing the twin flames coming together, I allow Miri to use her amazing imagination.  This increases the emotional response of joy and fun which is a prime goal in bringing this NewClear fire down. 

For instance, she experiences the Holy Spirit as liquid gold.  The God Particles as stardust.  And the new energy from December 1, 2016 as Sparkelies.  She calls this NewClear fire, Messiah Mist.  When she brings these elements in of course, fairies, elves, fire flies, dragon flies and all kinds of mystical creatures appear, including unicorns and white horses with wings.  All of these creatures we are familiar with already because of her velveteen landscape in Keter that we have already taken you to. Miri’s Velveteen Landscape2.

Sophian Gnostic Breathing.

One ~ Breathing is an important element in the Sophian Gnostic spiritual practices.  In “Gnostic Healing, Revealing The Hidden Power Of God,” by Tau Malachi and Siobhan Houston, chapter one, “Order Of St. Raphael – Healing Power Of Divine Being” (page 7 – 35)”, on page 22 you will find:

“Radiant Holy Breath:  Five Breaths. Within and behind the breath, there is a radiant, holy breath, a current of subtle energy.  This breath is used for healing yourself and others, for giving and receiving and many other Sophian Gnostic meditations.  These practices are a good way to become conscious of the subtle energy behind the breath.  

The five radiant, holy breaths are:  The Root Breath, The Naval Breath, The Solar Plexus Breath, The Heart Breath and The Jar or Vase Breath.  Each one of these breaths are connected with one of the Five Sepheroths of the Tree of Life.

(1) Sophian Gnostic Middle Pillar Meditation:

(2) This is, of course where the Velveteen Rabbit was born and originated before she made her trip down to planet earth. There are bunnies, squirrels, hedgehogs, chipmunks, and small animals near the water. Of course everyone is safe and friendly! The larger animals are a little farther away in the forest, but they all come to the brook to drink. And birds of every kind! Exotic birds that have not come to earth yet, but they are on their way! Read more …