Chapter 2 Day 15 Intentional Deception

June 13, 2017, Universal West, Adult Woman
Tuesday, Red Galactic Dragon, Kin 21, Crown Chakra

Intentional Deception

Primordial Human Being

image Sepheroth, Circles or Medicine Wheels

Sepheroth, Circles or Medicine Wheels

image Kabbalah Mirror Busted

Mirror Busted

The New World Order (NWO), the Cabal, the Illuminati, the Dark Government, and the Secret Government confuses and controls the unaware public by changing the names of their evil government.  In the Bible, Lucifer is described as being deceptively beautiful, misrepresenting the Light.

Fifty years ago when my Dad was exposing the IRS and the Federal Reserve System, this government was called the Secret Government. Sometimes it was called the Shadow Government and the Dark Government.

In the days of Emma Curtis Hopkins, (1849-1925) who was one of the founders of New Thought and Metaphysical Spirituality, Illuminati was the name for God’s highest spiritual divine light and love! Now, Illuminati is used in communications as the name of the most heinous government that is controlling us.

Originally the matrix was a name for the divine plan of God. Greg Braden wrote a book (2008) named “The Divine Matrix”. The Matrix movies are using matrix in the most frightening of ways, implying that humanity will forever be recycled in this unthinkable reality.

We can see that the name Kabbalah has the word Cabal, Allah and Kabba in it. All words that originally were sacred.

Amazon Sports Collectable Store has Tiger Woods sports trading cards for sale. They are called New World Order. This is probably meant to make us think he is a NWO person, rather than that he is a ritual abuse victim from babyhood of the NWO.

Upon Googling information about the New World Order (NWO) we find that the New World Order has purposely put incorrect and misleading information in with the articles of truth to purposely confuse people. This causes people to be unsure about the name of our government. And it makes it doubly difficult to trace the very long history of this government in American History.

So, here’s the truth. We can’t hide it from ourselves anymore. What’s known as the Acts of the 41st Congress in 1871, changed our government from a Republic U.S.A. to an incorporation, the U.S.A., Inc. Just because it’s unbelievable to humanity because we are made of Divine Love, and we can’t believe a loving God would allow this to happen to the pinnacle of His/Her Creation, doesn’t mean we can ignore the truth. This takeover of our Republic by the NWO is world wide. Not only that, it extends through the Solar System clear up through the Galaxy.

This is WHY we must come from the Cosmic Medicine Wheel of Keter, down through the Universal Medicine Wheel of Da’at, which, remember, until December 6, 2012 was blocked off from the Galactic level of Tiferet, the Solar System of Yesod, and the Planetary level of Malkut. We must come from the top down, or the future to the present to surround ourselves with Divine Truth. See the two diagrams (to the right) above.

The reason I’m mentioning this is for us to realize that the sacred name of Mother/Father God, the Divine Creator, and the Source of all life is way beyond words. At the level of infinity and eternity where this divine trinity is, one can only connect through a mystical, personal revelation and experience.

Therefore, we ourselves create, maintain and sustain our Gnostic knowing of when we are hearing and connecting with the Supernal, Ineffable Being. This is our gift and our responsibility to know that nothing can break that connection. Remember I said that Jesus was accused of healing through Beelzebub. Jesus never argued and he remained in connection with his Father God, no matter what people said or did to him.

There comes a time when our connection with the Messiah is so strong, Yeshua and Kalla Messiah say they will become us.
Gospel of Thomas:

Verse 108
Jesus said, “She who will drink from my mouth will become like me. I, myself, will become her, and the things that are hidden will be revealed to her.” Verse 108

The main point to remember is to stay connected to the Messiah. Yeshua and Kallah Messiah will have already connected us to the true Mother/Father God, the Divine Source of all Life and the Holy Creator through themselves.

There is a point where it is suggested that all our teaching and learning comes directly from the Messiah. It’s not necessary to read anything anymore and it might even be harmful to our spiritual journey.

Living in Keter

One of the most important topics that I keep talking about is making sure we are living in Keter. If you have been on this journey with us, you will understand what that means and how to practice it. You will know that your relationship with the Messiah is a very subtle, mystical knowing that no one else can touch. It certainly involves the physical body, the five senses and intuitive knowing.

As one slips into this communion with the Messiah, she will begin to be aware of energies that have originated from Malkut or the earth. Our assignment is to bring the energies from the Cosmic Medicine Wheel or Keter all the way down to the earth and to co-create heaven on earth.

We will discover that we must connect to our old ways from the top down in order to fully study and understand the Sophian Gnostic teachings. One must realize that this information is new and was deliberately destroyed by the dark forces. Most people I have worked with, upon studying this new sacred information that Jesus taught will take the new information, connect it to their present beliefs and spiritual knowledge they have learned and pull the sacred Messianic message down to their present understanding. It is easy to see that progress will not be made in this manner.

One must diligently at least make the effort to pull their present belief system up to the Messiah’s teachings and continue to meditate and experience that new information as it is perceived. Otherwise, I believe that person will keep trying to get to Keter from Malkut and there will always seem to be blockages that don’t quite get them Home. The gap must be filled by living in Keter and moving downwards.

This will mean that present testings and other ways of measuring energies will not give accurate information anymore (trying to go from Malkut to Keter). For instance, when the so called God Particles were believed to be discovered, the third dimensional technology could not actually see the energy. This caused much doubt among the scientists. Some of them saying “I will not believe in this energy until I can actually see it.” In the book, “Love Without End” by Glenda Green, Jesus told Glenda that these God Particles would be discovered by Higgs Boson and that humankind would have great difficulty believing that these particles exist. The only way they are discerned is through seeing the paths that they took. The effects of the God Particles movement are discernible in present day technology. However the actual God Particles cannot be seen.

The mystic has known about this divine energy throughout the ages. She is able to connect and use this energy for healing, miracles and all kinds of divine blessings for humanity. This divine energy can be used through knowing that it exits already in Keter, and by living in union with the Messiah.

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