Chapter 1 Day 12 Breathing Meditation

May 13, 2017, Galactic North, Adult Male, The Beloved
Saturday, White Electric Dog, Kin 250, Throat Chakra

Because of the events in Washington, D. C. this week, (the firing of Mr. Comey by President Trump) it seems like I’m guided to put this chapter up. The dissolving of the U.S.A., Inc. must happen. I am focused on helping to bring Divine Government onto planet earth. I am convinced that this must be done at the highest Spiritual level that we can muster to co-create with the Divine.

There are thousands, and thousands of light workers and spiritual people who are and have been working on bringing in the Golden Age. Also there are many citizens who have devoted their lives to the defeat and overthrow of the Dark government who has been controlling us. See this Page on egregious acts.

According to the Mayan Calendar, this was expected in December of 2012. Here we still are, over 4 years hence, and all of our work has not materialized in the physical. We keep working and working and working. I am so proud of Humanity. In spite of what is thrown at us, we still fight to be liberated from the dark forces of evil!

I have asked for a new way for me to help bring the Golden Age in now. The Arc and the Canoe ended surprisingly and abruptly. The Trinity Flame of Nuclear Fire arrived on the heels of The New Timeline. I have spent a lot of time listening for guidance these last few days.


img Trinity Flame

Trinity Flame with Labels

image NewTimeline

New Timeline

The first day of the 10th month, chapter 31, I wrote about the significance of our original creation in Genesis 1:27. I actually don’t think we will have the full truth until this war with the darkness is over, and we will learn all the secrets of humanity’s history. I am therefore tuning into the recorded origins, and I felt that we have been torn asunder as male or female, and released into the experiment that has been so brutally cast upon us.

The part that I did not include, was that I felt that even our breath was sliced in 2. I saw that the Male breathed out, and the female breathed in. It was very profound. The Sophian Gnostics teach that the Male is the giver and the female is the receiver, and they are both necessary for wholeness to be. (See Verse 114 in the Gnostic Gospel of  St. Thomas)

I began to put information I’m familiar with together.

In the Inner Child Ascension Path (ICAP), our spiritual work of all kinds is based on imagination. Imagination breaks the bonds of rigid rules we have been given by the dark forces to control us and keep us captive. It’s way more than “mind control”. Here is a good article by Jon Rapp0port, who is trying to help us get out of the matrix through linear thinking. January 22, 2017 Jon Rappoport Power beyond mind control: Exit From The Matrix

The information coming from many sources is that if we can get TWIN Flames together in the physical, the Divine Love would be so great that anything “Anti-Christ ” would just dissolve. Only the Original Creation of Christ/the Messiah would be in every Tree of Life in the whole Kabbalah. There have been many attempts to help the original *Twin Flames to reunite, and they have met much opposition by the dark ones. It must be important that this is accomplished!

At the level of Keter, we are all One “I”, and I have always thought that would include all the Twin Flames as One. Many Females consider their Twin Flame to be Yeshua Messiah. I don’t know about those in Male bodies, because Mary Magdalene was denied as the Feminine Messiah. Yeshua and Kallah Messiah are One. This is why we have the exercises in Sophian Gnostic Christianity to help us become one with Yeshua Messiah, and/or to become one with Kallah Messiah. Read our article labeled Highest Energies Traveling.

Then came to mind a Therapeutic Clown Breathing Exercise that I was taught. Mostly this would be used in hospitals. Sometimes I would encounter patients who were so frightened they would be hyperventilating. This becomes alarming when it lasts a long time. In one ward patients were waiting for procedures, and on top of it, needed to be fasting. The longer they had to wait, the more panicked they became.

In Therapeutic Clowning, time is not a factor. I would not be able to do this in regular hospital Clowning where we are given 5-10 minutes in each room. In the trauma ward  where we clowned for 6 months, we used our intuition on how long to stay, and what to experience. We might only visit 3 rooms in the 2 hours, and that is O.K. We also got to know the patients personally, as they were long term. Some were in and out of comas and memory loss.

If I ran across someone who was very anxious, I would go over to them and introduce myself. Usually there would be a small table nearby. I would explain to them the calming breathing exercise and ask if they would like to try it. In most cases the person was trying to get some help, and there wasn’t anyone available to help them. So the interest rate of trying something rather than nothing usually led to a yes. I would sit down and go over the process again. We would hold hands, like a handshake, with our arms resting on the table.

I told them I would follow their breathing pattern and rate. Not to try to breathe any slower, just breathe how they need to. This is most important. As I followed their breathing, just holding hands and having someone maybe looking in their eyes, maybe not, is calming when one is panicked. Also 1 on 1 is important. My attention was not going to anyone else. The person can now express what he/she feels and feel confident of being heard. All of this is, in itself,  healing.

It would usually take at least 20 minutes for the persons breathing to get to a more comfortable rate. I would follow their breathing, and it would naturally slow down and be more peaceful. It was a fulfilling experience for both of us. I found if it was a place I visited often, just waving across the room and saying “I’m still breathing with you!” Brought smiles and warmth.

If I would get to know someone better, I could then do additions to the experience. Perhaps add some uplifting feelings and thoughts of their choice to imagine breathing into our whole body. Together we would consciously expand the tingly feeling of the breath as it came in. For instance, if they were a gardener, we would image sitting in a beautiful garden. Whatever came up easily and naturally usually helped uplift the experience.

As time went on, I began to use breathing with someone as a distance healing practice. I felt it was successful, and often when someone I’ve done the breathing with comes to mind, I sit there and breathe with them. It’s amazingly calming for me! The breathing brings me into the NOW. It relaxes me. As I feel the rhythm of breathing in my whole body, I feel the movement and stillness of the human dance. I imagine a friendly embrace floating to them.

These are the thoughts from my experiences that came together to co-create this new meditation that I am describing tomorrow.

image DivineRoses ZenTangle______________

From our article on the sister site labeled Highest Energies Traveling.

In order to experience our own original Adam-Eve Kadman self, Tau Malachai’s “Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas,” on page 69, tells us how to enter into such a mystical union. This is the experience of uniting with Yeshua Messiah. In verse 56 on page 169, is more information on the necessity of this experience. In Tau Malachi and Siobhan Houston’s book, “Gnostic Healing,” in Appendix VII, “Union With The Living Yeshua – The Risen Christ,” page 153 – 156, is the practice of union with the living Messiah, Yeshua. In Appendix VIII, “Union with The Holy Bride-St. Mary Magdalene,” is the practice of uniting with St. Mary Magdalene, the Kallah Messiah, the Divine Feminine, in union with Yeshua Messiah. First we practice allowing Yeshua Messiah to become liquid light and come down into us. Thus he is within us. Then after a few weeks, we become liquid light and go up into Yeshua, thus he is surrounding us. We can practice with Mary Magdalene and /or Metatron, the Archangel. Metatron is on page 73 of the Gnostic Healing book.

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