Chapter 7 Day 5 Miryam

October 22, 2017, Solar Medicine Wheel, East, Yesod Tiferet,
Sunday, Yellow Solar Human, Kin 152, Throat Chakra

BOOK. “Miryam of Nazareth, Women of Strength and Wisdom”
By Ann Johnson

This book combines the “Desert” Miryam of the Old Testament, and the Miryam of the New Testament. It also includes the Sacred Women of all names in the Bible as Miryam. This book has turned out to me to be important in undersltanding the Holy Women’s role as ancestors to today’s Divine Feminine.

This book on, page 13, says that the root word of the name Mary, a Greek name, is Miryam in Hebrew. Miryam meaning “rebellion”.

I have thought through all these years that our names are not accidental. I have known the story of Miriam in the Desert with Moses and Aaron the best. I was named after a deceased sister of my Mothers, who was killed in a fire along with my Maternal Grandmother. My own Mother, only 20, was pulled out of the Fire and saved. I never knew the women I was named after.

My Mother used to tell me the story of Miriam saving Moses that told in the Old Testament. However, upon getting older I read other parts. The main one influencing me was that Miriam, saying to Aaron her brother, that Moses was not supposed to have married a woman outside of the Hebrew faith, instantly got leprosy from the Old Testament God of Anger. Although Aaron had agreed with his sister, he did not get leprosy. Miriam had told the truth and gotten punished for it. In fact, Aaron had to ask Moses to ask God to heal her!

It turned out that she, Miriam, had leprosy for a month and was in isolation during that time- as an untouchable. I somehow have taken on the mission of Truthteller in this lifetime. It seems to me that the Divine Feminine of our day have had to insist on the truth being revealed, both the Conspiracy Theories of our government and the lies about who the Divine Human is.  Also the TRUTH that the Messiah revealed to us 2000+ years ago, by the Dark Forces, is called Heretical, and they have tried to forbid us from knowing the Divine Truth.

I was told about this book, “Miryam of Nazareth“, while Herb, Marie de St. Germaine, and I were Clowning on CHRISTMAS DAY at a Catholic home for the homeless in Southeast Washington, D. C. I think Herb’s and my son, Brett, had joined us for the morning, but I’m not sure. He would have been in high school. I was wearing Easter Colors instead of red and green. My joke was that Rev. Absurd had gotten his Holy Days mixed up, and was dressed for Christ’s Resurrection. I had my rainbow wig on and pastel wardrobe.
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It was a magical day. The nun in charge had asked me, (when she established from me that my given name is Miriam, not Rev. Absurd), if I had heard of the book, “Miryam of Nazareth”? I told her I had not. She suggested that we go over to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, and buy it when we left. She assured us the bookstore would be open on Christmas because the Shrine is a big tourist place of worship on Christmas Day. The Shrine is also in southeast Washington and was not far away.

Herb and I did go over to the Shrine bookstore and get the book. We also had supper at the Shrine’s Cafeteria, which we were surprised was open. However there were many priests eating supper there. Most of the tourists had left. The priests came over to greet me, Rev. Absurd, who was mistakenly celebrating Easter. We all had good Holy Day laughs. I also introduced Herb as Rabbi SoSo, who wasn’t in wardrobe today because Christ’s Resurrection was not one of the Hebrew High Holy Days! I must say, I have never run into a minister, priest, rabbi, or nun, “holy ones” who didn’t accept Rev. Absurd as an equal “man of the cloth”, and enjoy some “religious” mischief together.

This was one of my favorite Clowning Experiences, although I had broken 2 clown rules. First, I had revealed my real name to the nun. Second, I had eaten in public. Both of these had gotten me out of character according to “clown rules”. However, I wouldn’t have missed the experiences for anything! Also the book has been valuable to me through the years of my spiritual growth, having beautiful References of Feminine Courage throughout the ages.

This book about Miryam, has expanded my mystical understanding of the importance of the Divine Feminine for all of Humanity’s deeper Gnostic understanding.


Miryam ————— “Adoration of Adonai”

Miryam is the Twin Paraclete of the New Throne Room/Godhead/Crystalline Core. She is the Divine Feminine who has ReUnited all Eve Kadmon into the New, Now Manifest: Heaven on Earth, Golden Age, New Heaven/New Earth.

Miryam has trusted that Divine Love Heals Absolutely. Wholly receiving Divine Love from her Beloved, recirculating Divine Love into the ReCreation of The Transparent Divine Human of Truth after these years of absolute untruth.

This complete Transparency of Miryam, Is Divine Truth, Cosmic Law from the Throne Room/Godhead/Crystalline Core. Never to be torn asunder from her Beloved ever again. This Divinely Transparent Truth is Now Established by the Source of All Life, the Mother-Father God, and the Original Creator through Yeshua and Kallah Messiah Forever and Evermore.

*In Commemoration of this Divine Special Day*

The 22nd Day of October 2017, Gregorian Calendar
Sacred Tzolkin Time of Mayan Calendar 2017/2018
Fourth Month, Self Existing Moon of Form
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Sunday, October 22, 2017
Day 5, Yellow Solar Human, Kin 152
Throat Chakra # 33, Dominion Over Darkness
Solar Medicine Wheel, East, Yesod Tiferet,
Divine Solar Child of the East

*And It Is So, And So It Is.*