Chapter 5 Day 21 Spirit Mythos Website

September 12, 2017, Malkut Sepheroth, Planetary Center
Tuesday, Yellow Galactic Human, Kin 112, Heart Chakra

Website and Original Art by: Maia

This website was sent to me by a friend and she wanted to know if I had seen it. I am amazed at this website.

The same website also included the Adam Kadman Art Series of seven pictures depicting the Kabbalah. I was so enthralled at these pictures that I studied them for quite a while.

Then, I began to look at her whole website and I could relate as an adult to this incredible information. As I explored her website I noticed that she has several websites. Her current work can be found at: New Earth Star Inner Academy at
This is where you will find the realm of Ascension Consciousness Material and Exploration of your Interior World.

I feel so fortunate that my friend shared this website with me and now I want to make sure that everybody reading my website can link to this incredible and beautiful information.