Chapter 7 Day 1 Glia

Month 4 Self-Existing Moon of Form
Define * Measure * Form

October 18, 2017 – November 14, 2017

October 18, 2017, Malkut Sepheroth, Planetary East
Wednesday, Yellow Overtone Star, Kin 148, Crown Chakra

A healing channel friend of mine went to a workshop on Glia. This workshop was on Thursday, October 12 through Sunday, October 15. Glia is a neurological term sometimes also called Glial cells. Glia are non-neuronal cells that maintain homeostasis, for myelin and provide support and protection for neurons in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Glia cells are the most abundant cell types in the central nervous system. They are also known as neuro-Glia. In more detailed terms neuro-Glia are cells in your nervous system that are not neurons.

It had long been believed that Glial cells served solely as supporting actors to neurons. Glias only known duties at the time tasks like carrying nutrients to neurons and cleaning up dead nerve cells and other debris were, after all seemingly less important. In the last 35 years scientists have learned that Glia are extremely important being called the glue in the brain.

Short Scientific Word: Glia.
When Googling the term GLIA I found this in Wikipedia:

As the Greek name implies, glia are commonly known as the glue of the nervous system; however, this is not fully accurate. (It does more – read on…)
Neuroscience currently identifies four main functions of glial cells:

  1. To surround neurons and hold them in place
  2. To supply nutrients and oxygen to neurons
  3. To insulate one neuron from another
  4. To destroy pathogens and remove dead neurons.

Long Scientific Word: Glial
Further research revealed:

From an Article in Scientific American:
Glial experiments didn’t get going until the 1960s. All scientists knew about glia was that if you put neurons in petri dish, you had to have glia, or neurons would die. Then, Stephen W. Kuffler at Harvard, for reasons unknown, decided to test Pedro’s accepted theory of insulation. This was around same time that cell counts in the brain revealed glial cells to be nearly 90% of the brain (this is where the neuron based idea that we only use 10% of our brain comes from).” …. “Andrew Koob argues that these overlooked cells just might be the source of the imagination.” *

Neuroscientists Robin Franklin and Timothy Bussey of the University of Cambridge argued in the same issue that the results offered compelling evidence that humans’ superior learning and memory skills are at least in part due to glia.

(Scientific Research (Via Google, Thank you!) by Diana Forest.)

As soon as my friend mentioned glue, I felt that this was the glue mentioned in the 84 New Qualities that came in December 1, 2016. Number 69 says this new energy is laughter, it is the glue that holds the physical body together. It sources from Divine Love.

Miri’s Happy Word: GLEEAH
Article coming on another “Day”

In the Sister Site
84 Qualities

84 qualities of Messiah’s Mist. December 1, 2016
Number 69. This New Energy is LAUGHTER, it is the glue that holds the physical body together.

* On Imagination:
Chapter 27 Day 28 White Solar Worldbridger
This may be similar to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s, “Thinking from the Future”. However, this is the Inner Child’s Ascension Path, (ICAP) and thinking is the part of us that must follow our hearts. So actually today, Miri colored the 2 diagrams above, and we’re playing from the future. Our most effective way to do this is fantasy. Out and out imagining, pretending, “playing like!!! Following Einstein’s wisdom, ” The Gift of Fantasy, is more important to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge”. (Sometimes translated as imagination.)

Bringer of truth
Info Coming.

Cosmic glue of Divine Love
Chapter 28 Day 8 How to Focus

“Laughter is the glue that holds this new energy to this physicality, the physical body.

It is not a prehistoric energy. It is Cosmic.

It is the forming of a Star, A Creation of Light in our Adam/Eve Kadmon Bodies connecting with our physical bodies. This process of light creation in the body is somehow reinforced by noticing it. (Noticing that this creation IS happening.) Laughing encourages its creation. Janet McClure Vywamus in “The Making of the Planetary Logos” Chapter 21 in Laughter  (Note: the last 3% to 4% of our darkness must be removed by laughter!)

This New Energy likes us to imagine the formation of rainbows around our fields. * Going every which way, horizontally, vertically, diagonally, it also likes Winnie the Pooh to give it spoonfuls of honey!!! And it likes us to breathe slowly and gently, just for fun.

This New Energy is omniscient. It is divine intelligence itself. It knows what it needs to do and just does it!”

Ark of the Covenant
Chapter 23 Day 10 Yellow Self-existing Star

“I am the glue of the whole matrix. The Cosmic Human DNA really forming in divine majesty. Full of the oneness of emotional ecstatic expression.

Chapter 4, Day 1 Happy New Year

“Divine Human and Holy Love I am including these 3 segments from chapters of Glenda Green’s book, “Love Without End”, to begin our New Year. Since Divine Love is the Glue of the Cosmos, spending time integrating its qualities into our bodies must be inspirational to all of us. This book, written in 1998, was my favorite book until Tau Malachi’s the Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas was published. Both are to me Mystical Wisdom from the Messiah.”

The Ark and the Canoe:
Chapter 21 Day 3 Red Planetary Dragon

“Now that this new mist energy has just come in, it seems easier to understand it’s role and purpose. It’s like the glue that holds everything together. Without it, nothing could be or exist. It’s a very feminine, divine, new energy. Completely essential for our Ascension. It’s the same energy I noticed when I started playing the viola in an orchestra instead of the first violin section which plays the melody. All of a sudden, I could hear every instrument all together, and I was right in the center of the sound. It was a whole new world of music, quite ecstatic, and I always wanted to play viola in quartets and orchestras from then on…”

TAO Original Site
Magic Realism
“My older sister – five years older – became part of the solution. I only know the story after the fact. My dad who was an inventor and older sister who was creative were up to the challenge. They got a white sock, found yarn – all they had was white – glue and a darning needle. Apparently, they were up past midnight creating a wig with white yarn in a beautiful French braid style. My older sister often braided our hair and did an exquisite job. Perfectly tied red ribbons were at the end of each pig tail. Apparently, the brown glue seeped through the sock and was visible in the scalp section in a few spots, so they patted white powder over those spots to make it all white.” “…that doll’s wig became a favorite of my sisters as she realized the creative love of my dad and sister as they labored past midnight. We all experienced that Santa Claus is the symbol of the magic realism of LOVE!”

This Video shows wonderfully the GLUE of the connected-ness of the Universe.

The Connection of Everything Video