Chapter 6 Day 11 Virtual Prayer

September, 30, 2017, Galactic West, Tiferet Sepheroth
Saturday, White Cosmic Dog, Kin 130, 2nd Chakra

Virtual Prayer for Puerto Rico.

This virtual praying includes the imagination of the child for co-creating answers to prayers. It involves a serious situation and magical solutions. I find that praying in this way with Miri can help keep me from getting so sad that I feel helpless for being able to be part of the solution.

This method of praying is in keeping with Einstein’s quotes:

“You cannot create a solution at the same level that the problem was created.”

“The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.”

I used this type of prayer for the refugees coming across the waters to Europe in 2015. These refugees came from Syria, Africa, and other countries where violence and oppression are intolerable.

I imagine a huge Mother Ship like the one in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. In my vision, this time it lands in Puerto Rico. Immediately the devastated people line up for help. There is no “fear” of this huge spaceship because people can tell it is an humanitarian rescue ship. The line of people was enormous, and went for miles way into the horizon. Spontaneously angels appear for each person.

Note: One of the things I like about this kind of Virtual Prayer is that often, Spontaneously, it has a life of it’s own. I begin to watch it like a movie! Yet, I am very much “inside” the movie, experiencing it as it Spontaneously unfolds.

In this case, each angel has water and some kind of broth, that is easy on the tummy since people may not have eaten for a few days. Even the infants have an angel of their own. These angels sit on the ground and cross their legs to make a little cradle like space where the parents can safely lay the baby and rest their own arms!

As the line moves slowly to the “stairs” careful identification is recorded with each person. Families are kept together, villages, and for larger cities, the neighborhood is recorded. This is so people can be located by neighbors they know and not feel so displaced on this enormous spaceship.

As you remember in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” the ramp into the spaceship appeared to have a magical escalator and people floated up into the spaceship (Mother Ship). Miri is fascinated with escalators*, especially these where people appear to float up on their own like in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” .  Here at the foot of the escalators, Miri greets children in order to make them feel at home. Upon entering this gigantic spaceship, these people fleeing the hurricanes are met by guides. These guides come to escort each family. The families are taken to the section of the spaceship in which their neighborhood friends will be also settle in for protection and the necessities of living.

Upon entering this spaceship people are immediately aware of the refreshing and magically uplifting air that is surrounding them. The guides explain that they are experiencing the latest modalities for healing. As we have discussed earlier, the *Holy Spirit, God Particles as of January 6, 2012 and the *New 84 Qualities that entered planet Earth on December 1 of 2016 are now available. These qualities have now been combined so they are available for healing, upliftment and energy just by breathing them in. These new residents of the Mother Ship feel comforted with this new healing modality.

Each person has their own little room and their personal angel knows exactly how to obtain what they need. Some hurricane survivors need food, and others need rest and quiet before they are helped with a shower. There are fresh white towels, robes and soap. The angels help in whatever way is needed. After their shower there is a rest period and each person is shown a special button where they can have any kind of virtual peaceful scenery they would like: it can be lush tropical, green forest, oceans, lakes, mountains, desert. and so forth. These are virtual landscapes where you actually feel the third dimensional environment of whichever landscape you have chosen. When the families are ready there is a huge dining hall that is open 24/7 where the angels escort them. The angels also find out what foods they want and serve them.

At this point, Miri and I usually bless the virtual prayer and I am open to come back and do another cycle of welcoming the hurricane victims. This kind of virtual prayer often has a surprising life of its own which feels more and more real. There’s no feeling of watching it from outside, but I am an integral part of the prayer. Amazingly, the more I do this, the more details seem to appear and the more I feel like I am actually stepping into another timeline that is available to be chosen by others.

When I do resume my meditation, I usually resume from where I left off with the huge spaceship already landed and the line of people waiting to get on. Miri and I are at the lower left hand side of the escalator greeting people as they get on. We are, however, in the moment and ready for surprises. For instance, maybe next time, the angels will start singing or we will see scout ships bringing in people who, because of the devastation, could not travel on land. We are expectant to see what will happen, and this keeps Miri and I in the moment. Therefore, there’s not too much room for sadness because there is so much love being shared by all who are present.

This is only the second time this kind of prayer has come to me, the first one being the refugees from Syria and Africa and war torn areas. In that case, even the danger of crossing the water was so incredible. I experienced the huge Mother Ship coming and I realized that I was actually part of the experience. It was not until two years later, now, when I realize the power of being IN the prayer experience and allowing it to unfold. I realize this co-created prayer is an alternate reality that may actually be available for the refugees and the hurricane victims.

In these past two years, I have experienced:

* the power of feeling the physical body and its sensations,
* the emotions and the feelings in my body,
* appreciating my mind as being able to embrace these visions.

These personal qualities then gather in my soul, and move on into my spirit. My holy desires for the refugees and hurricane victims may possibly be received by those I am praying for. For me, it seems like a much more powerful outcome of intention for my prayers. These are “Embodied Prayers”. More on this soon.

I learned these “Embodied Fairy Tales” in the last two years through experiencing the spiritual principles used in writing G r i n n’s Fairy Tales and Meditations.

Throughout my years of Spiritual Clowning, the goal for Reverend Absurd is to be Embodied as a Cosmic Being in order to place in the inner planes a Template for moving into Higher Spiritual Realities. This Archetypal Energy of the Spiritual Cosmic Clown creates possible Higher Realities, Virtual Timelines, and Alternate Possibilities for living from the Higher Realities of Heaven down to the physical embodiment of our Human Selves. The entire TAO Humor Center Web Site is dedicated to more and more possibilities of bringing Heaven down to Earth, bringing in the Golden Age, and experiencing The New Heaven and The New Earth.

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