Chapter 2 Day 25 Hugging

June 23, 2017, Cosmic Center, Keter Sepheroth
Friday, Blue Overtone Monkey, Kin 31, 2nd Chakra

Hugging is a major skill that is taught in clowning. In Therapeutic Clowning, hugging is especially important.
We realize that there are many taboos about hugging.

Below are 4 articles on hugging:

It may be a good idea for each of us to reconsider our thinking about hugging so that healthy benefits of hugging can be enjoyed by all. Like laughter, there are benefits for the physical body, as well as the emotional health of humans, that are provable by modern scientific methods.

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Human beings are social creatures. We come into this world needing a tremendous amount of physical contact and love from our caregivers, and studies have shown a lack of connection can be devastating for a developing child. As we get older, society makes us think we need less love and contact. But arguably, as experience is gained, more reassurance and unconditional love are needed. When adulthood sets in, the amount of emotional release afforded to the average person through physical touch is almost entirely gone. And the vast majority of our interactions with each other and ourselves are harsh, judgmental, and unloving. As a result, negative emotional energy builds up in the body, affecting physical health and emotional wellbeing, leading to a host of diseases. But thankfully, a lifetime’s worth of emotional hardship can be released by developing practices that give us what we needed when we came into this world: unselfish love via physical and emotional forms of expression.

Author John Naisbitt suggests that the more electronically connected we become the greater our need to receive physical contact. This seems to imply that there is something very important and essential to the embrace of physical contact and love, which is often overlooked in our modern world. Perhaps this is why the millennial generation, one that has been more connected via electronics, seems to be obsessed with cats, which can be one of the most physically loving pet types. Hugging is one way to alleviate this need, especially if it is done with a conscious intention of some kind.

Hugging is one way to restore brain and heart coherence gained through linking hearts with other people, which Dan Winter demonstrated is the foundation for bliss states and the activation of restorative health processes and even so-called ascended abilities. Thus to hug—and actually mean it—can be a powerful tool for healing of the self and other.

The longer the hug, the greater the effects. It takes about 20 seconds for a hug’s power to reach the maximum impact. Everything after that time is a supercharged boost of energetic and biological rejuvenation as the body is entrained with healing frequencies. So while a minimum of 20 seconds should be strived for, don’t be afraid to go as long as you need.

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By: Curt Pesmen:

Hugs for Health

Hugging has been shown to boost helpful hormones and reduce the level of harmful hormonal effects, at least in controlled environments. In a study published in Psychosomatic Medicine and in related work, psychologist Karen Grewen, Ph.D., of the University of North Carolina, has found that:

  • The heart rate among subjects who had no contact with each other increased a full 10 beats per minute in a study after couples were asked to discuss anger-inducing topics. Couples who discussed the same topics but hugged for 20 seconds showed a rise of just five beats per minute.
  • Levels of the hormone oxytocin (the “pleasure” hormone) increased markedly among the couples who hugged.
  • Levels of the so-called stress hormone, cortisol, which can have damaging physical effects, dropped more markedly among women than men in measured hugging sessions.
  • The blood pressure of subjects who didn’t hug each other rose significantly more in the experiment than that of those who hugged on cue.

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11 Benefits of Hugging
Backed by Chemistry | The Science of Non-Sexual Touch and Intimacy for Healing.
By: Dr. Fahad Basheer

Hugging! We often hug each other when we are happy or when we see the person we love most. We often feel joy and happiness when hugging another person, and a hug can convey a lot about how we’re feeling and how we feel about each other. Each time we sincerely hug someone, we are actually conveying our love and joy for that person in a way that can never be explained through our words alone. We feel all our burdens ease away while we are in a hug, and those worries are replaced by increased feelings of happiness and trust.

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Can a Hug a Day Keep the Doctor Away?
By: Traci Pedersen

It’s cold and flu season again — make sure you get plenty of sleep, take some extra vitamin C and … hug each other a little more. Yes, that’s right. A new study reveals that frequent hugging lowers your chances of becoming ill during times of stress.

Prior research has found that high levels of stress can weaken the immune system, making us more susceptible to illness and infection. On the other hand, science has also shown that individuals with a strong social support system tend to enjoy a protective ‘buffer’ against greater levels of stress.

In a new study, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University decided to test this information a little further. They wanted to see whether hugs could act as a type of social support and, in turn, protect people from getting sick while under stress.

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and Health Benefits of Hugging

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