Chapter 2 Day 23 Horsing Around

June 21, 2017, Galactic Center, Tiferet Sepheroth
Wednesday, Red Electric Moon, Kin 29, Root Chakra

I have an out of town friend who just moved into another city. She’s still unpacking and completely new to the neighborhood. She’s struggling with the energies on the planet as we all are, is in pain because of some surgery that has to be redone, and having great difficulty keeping her spirits up. She just got her computer hooked up and I decided to send her a little message every day.

I’ve also offered to keep in touch with her by phone a little bit every day. I will be getting out my Knock Knock Who’s There books and Riddles and Children’s Jokes Books. When my grandchildren were younger we used to do art work every Sunday afternoon. Sometimes we would get out my Children’s Riddle books and take turns reading them. Sometimes the children couldn’t stop reading them and I would laugh so hard my stomach would begin to ache. So sharing this innocent humor again will be fun for me and my friend.

The following is the first picture I sent her last night.

My Lebanese stuffed grape leaves.

My daughter brought these stuffed grape leaves from my favorite deli, “Lebanese Taverna,” in Arlington, Virginia. She tripple wrapped them in ice, so they could travel here in her suitcase, on the plane. I hadn’t had any for 9 years because the stuffed grape leaves, here in Denver, are a Greek recipe and have a lot more vinegar.

Here I am enjoying my treat and my daughter said something that made me begin to laugh! I must say that anyone who looks like this should completely give up on trying to make it thru life here on planet Earth. She’ll NEVER be successful!!!

We were horsing around and Tami snapped this pic for posterity of Rev Absurd without her wardrobe attire! Oh, my!!! Anyone in their right mind would have this picture destroyed instead of putting it on their website. However, remember once a clown always a clown! We’re always in for a good laugh even if it’s about ourselves.


Bet you can’t not laugh!!!

img Miriam and grape Leaves

Img mop horse

Mop horse made with Grand-Daughters

img Winking Mop Horse

Winking Mop Horse…….. Click for SURPRISE

img Miri on Dancer mop horse

Rev Absurd riding “Dancer”

img Valentine Carousel Horse

Valentine Carousel Horse

img Carousel-Horse inside

Valentine Carousel Horse Inside of card

img real Mop Horse

Is this Horse winking?

img carousel Horse

Round and Round we go!