Chapter 6 Day 14 The Virtual TAO Path

October 3, 2017, Universal South, Da’at Sepheroth
Tuesday, Red Electric Skywalker, Kin 133, Heart Chakra

Today, after some deep spiritual healings from yesterday and today, as I began to rest and integrate, I began to notice a painted white wooden lattice archway in my internal vision. It was a very simple picture and very precise. It was a small, white wooden lattice archway with beautiful shades of green leafed vines covering it completely. The width and height would allow two people to go through it at the same time. There was a simple path that was no more than trodden grass but very definite. On each side of the path were beautiful deciduous trees providing for me a cozy and yet expansive invitational space to walk through.

TAO is generally believed to be the Chinese ancient word for “The Path.” Since our Humor Center is named after the T.A.O. (The Path) Miri and I immediately saw this path as the TAO. Maybe it is much like the Yellow Brick Road of Dorothy which we already traveled together in the Ark & The Canoe.

I distinctly recall noticing this White Arch against the green background several times during the course of a few hours. Apparently, I did not feel that after two days of such intense healing work that anything new would be coming so soon. However, as dusk began to fall I realized I really needed to pay attention to this picture. As soon as I stepped in to explore it, I felt as though I was entering into a new reality just like my virtual prayers. However, in this case nothing started to spontaneously appear in the scene.

Gingerly I stepped into this reality and stood before the Archway. I felt very peaceful and I checked to see if I was ready to walk into this Virtual Pathway before me. I felt “Yes” and I made a few soft steps through the Archway into the entrance on the other side. In my olden ways of visualizing I began to imagine cozy benches I would like to sit on and flower gardens I would like to surround them and to create a sort of paradise that Miri and I would enjoy. We created a few benches or two with beautiful flowers and all of a sudden we stopped. We knew at that point that we were actually beginning to walk from the future into the past and we were already at the finish line of our destination. Knowing instantly that we did not want to walk back into the past, we returned and walked under the Archway. The New Space we had just entered now obviously felt exactly like what we want to co-create as “Heaven on Earth”. Miri and I suddenly knew that our vision of “Heaven on Earth” could now manifest.

This was a completely new experience for Miri and I and we had no trouble at all integrating the feeling of “It is Finished, it is Complete.” Even knowing that we didn’t know had no effect on us to disturb the wonderful, full-bodied feeling of “It is Finished.” We looked up and noticed a huge Golden Star floating to the left of us that acknowledged that we had done an outstanding job with the assignment we had just finished. Miri, more than myself, Miriam, after completing an assignment, usually checks to see if there is a possibility for achieving an extra credit Gold Star. This time there was such a sense of completion that, THAT THOUGHT never even entered her mind! We looked at each other and I, Miriam, saw that Miri had on a little white dress with lace socks and Mary Jane shoes (of course) and I, Miriam had on a long white dress that was not familiar to me.

We both have an overwhelming feeling that we are to spend a lot of time right here and not even explore what appears to be a celebration of some kind up ahead. We could barely hear soft music coming from celestial instruments. We could see in the far distance human beings dressed in light pastel clothing – dressy, but not pretentious. We could see white horses, unicorns and winged white horses with riders on them. The riders appear to be both male and female. Way in the distance in some clouds, it appears that there might be a castle.

image Pegasis and children flying to castle

“Co-Create” How will it be When We Realize that We Co-Create our own Reality? Created by Mirror-I-Am 11/26/2000

All of this did not divert our attention from knowing we would be spending major time right here at the Finish Line, integrating the experiences we have had in order to arrive here today.

Miri and I are relating this experience of today with you so that in sharing you may notice in your own internal vision a similar mysterious experience that is waiting for you. Miri and I both feel that this will be a very meaningful and enlightening journey whether it turns out that we:

  1. stay at this Special Spot of Completion,
  2. go back under the White Wooden Lattice Archway to remember how we got here,
  3. or if we will be continuing on into the Celebration that appears to be happening up the road.

We know we are on a new adventure!