Chapter 1 Day 9 The Neshamah

May 10, 2017, Galactic East, Divine Child
Wednesday, Blue Cosmic Hand, Kin 247, Root Chakra

The Neshamah is one of the most important subjects to understand in studying Sophian Gnostic Christianity. First, I have a quote from Tau Malachi. Next I have a diagram. Then I have more information and definitions. Reference Verses and pages are included from “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas” by Tau Malachi

Primordial Human Being


Tau Malachi, The Gnostic Gospel of Saint Thomas, Verse 76, page 235

“Jesus said, the kingdom of the Father is like a merchant  who had a consignment of merchandise and who discovered a pearl. That merchant was shrewd, he sold the merchandise and bought the pearl alone for himself. You, too, seek his unfailing and enduring treasure where no moth comes near to devour and no worm destroys.”

Verse 76, Page 236
“Your holy Neshamah is the one who descends from heaven and therefore shall bring you in ascent with herself into heaven taking your Ruach and Nefesh into herself and uniting you with the Lord. Receiving the holy baptism and chrism, Nefesh and Ruach are purified and concentrated unto the Lord and you are redeemed in the holy blood of the Lamb of God receiving your life, your living soul or holy Neshamah. She is the eternal life the Lord has prepared for you, the living temple of the Indwelling Presence of the Lord. Reborn of the water, the Holy Spirit descends and enters you and brings with herself your heavenly soul. It is the Nefesh and the Ruach that are redeemed by the body and blood of the Messiah. Saved by the grace of the Lord who gives to you your heavenly soul.

For the refinement and evolution and enlightenment of your Nefesh and Ruach you have come into the world. The Lord has given you your life, your talents and abilities, and all resources of your life, so that you might have the price to be paid for the pearl essence. Indeed! The Lord has given you this life so that you might discover and embody your holy Neshamah and give expression on earth to your heavenly soul and the Christ Spirit that indwells that inmost part of your soul. Knowing that to receive and express your heavenly soul is to enter the kingdom of God and to attain life eternal, who would not give their life and all resources of their life over to this great work? It is not merely a matter of wisdom in the merchant but common sense! Is there anything else you might purchase that will remain with you as your possession forever? Praise the Lord that we are given the sum of the ransom for the salvation of our soul and spirit!”


The “Soul” Collage created by Mir-I-Am 4/23/2010

The “Soul” Scroll (Click to Zoom)

The Living One is our Holy Neshamah, our “Holy Abode” This is our deepest center of Being, and the Spirit of the Lord, in which God Himself/Herself dwells. Our Neshamah is in unity with the Holy one of Being, thus abiding forever in the Annointed Supernal Light. She is ever in communion with the Most High God. She is Divine Love, Light, Life and Liberty. She is our Supernal Holiness.

The Neshamah and the indwelling Christ Spirit are part of the Holy Mystery. It is called the Holy Soul, the Supernal Soul, and the Heavenly Soul. The Soul of the Messiah is both Sophian ( Divine Wisdom, Feminine), and Logos ( the Word, Masculine). The Soul is made perfect in receiving both Sophia and Logos in the Soul of the Messiah. In Yeshua and Kallah Messiah we behold the Neshamah in Primordial Unity. The incarnation of Lady Mary Magdalene as Sophia and Lord Jesus as Logos together reveal the full mystery of the Neshamah of the Messiah.

The Yechidah is the Holy Divine Spark of the Soul of the Messiah. Is the Inmost part of the Holy Soul. It is the Divine Self, the Christ Self, the “I Am” Self. It is the most Holy part of the Soul. It is through Yechidah that the Godhead, God, and the Holy Soul are united.

Ruach is the Spirit, the Higher Intelligence. It is the Human and Divine Intelligence that link the earthly and Divine parts of the Soul, Nefesh and Neshamah. Ruach, the Spirit and Higher Intelligence unify Nefesh and Neshamah.

Bestial or earthly soul. It is the personality and life display and the astral matrix within and behind it. There are two states of this part of the soul. The Nefesh does not survive death save through the supreme attainment in which case the Nefesh embodying the Neshamah in full attains the eternal life of Neshamah.

Nefesh Behamit
The bestial or ungenerated state.

Nefesh Elokit
The Godly or regenerated state.

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