Chapter 3 Day 5 Galactic Mayan Calendar

July 1, 2017, Solar East, Yesod Sepheroth
Saturday, Blue Cosmic Storm, Kin 39, Throat Chakra

Above is a Mayan Inner Dimensional Star Map showing Earth in relation to the Galactic whole. This map is from “Surfers of the Zuvuya“, by Jose Arguilles. The book was published in 1988.

When I saw this map I immediately realized that the Mayan Calendar only went to the omnigalactic source. Since I had been studying the Kabbalah and I knew the galactic source was at Tiferet, I knew that the Universal level, Da’at and the Cosmic level, Keter were left out. Since our objective is to complete our journey all the way home to God, I knew that humanity had to somehow connect the sacred time, Tzolkin, all the way home to Source.

In this website my main purpose is to show through the Inner Child’s Ascension path (ICAP), how this can be understood in a simple way. As I have said, I do not believe that our Mother Father God ever intended for it to be difficult for their divine children to return home.

img Kabbalah

Original Kabbalah

image Kabbalah with Paths

Kabbalah without Paths

img Kabbalah Divine Restoration

Kabbalah Divine Restoration

I’m pointing out that information from the original Divine Truths has been modified, made incorrect, and incomplete deliberately and/or carelessly. No matter the reason, we must now unlearn what we were taught, and allow only Divine Truth into our Beings. Even things that seem like only details can end up being fundamentally significant. Attention to detail is of primary importance.

Here is the original Kabbalah that has come down to us. I have mentioned how the Keter and Da’at Sepheroth were sealed off by a mirror, after the fall of man. The Supreme Spirit and Soul of Humanity was not available at Lower Levels; Planetary, Solar and Galactic. The bottom Sepheroth on the left and right pillars was completely gone. Planet Earth is left hanging out there alone, and so was The Divine Creation of Humanity!

Move to the Kabbalah without Paths, and notice here that the two blank Sepheroth have been added and the Daa’t Sepheroth has now been connected. All totaled there are now the Divine 13 Sepheroth. Before this there were only 10 Sepheroth. Da’at in some maps is not only disconnected but completely left blank.

In the far right picture is the Divine Restoration of the Kabbalah. In some books about the Kabbalah it is believed that as Heaven on Earth is restored, the Divine Original Kabbalah will have been Divinely restored. Notice there are 13 Sepheroth and 30 paths. The blue paths have been moved and connected. And the red Sepheroth and paths are Divinely Restored.

Now would be a good time to just study these maps, and notice the differences for ourselves. Do the incomplete ones, the tampered with Kabbalah strike up an emotional reaction for you? Remember the Holy Kabbalah is a Living Divine Being, just as our beautiful Gaia, and our beautiful bodies. We are now remembering the Divine Truth of our Origins, and all of Creation as it was “In the beginning”.

Remembering the Truth of Who We Are, is vital to our return home!