Chapter 6 Day 23 Miri’s Magical Necklace

October 12, 2017, Galactic Center, Tiferet Sepheroth
Thursday, White Crystal Wind, Kin Kin 142, Root Chakra

Closeup: This drawing below is a closeup of the pendant on Miri’s Magical Necklace. Miri is dancing in the center of the Magical Pendant. You can see that on this day of April 29, 1992, the umbilical cord that was keeping us connected to great darkness was snapped!!!

This drawing has the oval pendant which looks like golden topaz. Around the topaz are 17 clear stones that look like diamonds. At the very bottom are three elongated clear stones and at the top is one elongated stone that hooks onto a golden colored chain. As you can see Miri thinks these clear stones are diamonds and she as indicated how many “Carrots” each stone is. This Magical Necklace of Miri’s is her Safe Sacred Space. Three brown ink rubber stamps in the upper right hand corner are stamped upside down in the lower left hand corner. These are like the upside down Comic Book of my Dad’s that is listed under Books for Children.

In the following left-handed drawings, Miri has drawn a picture of her Magical Necklace as she is wearing it.

East Flame Fire:
In the East, the pendant, straight up and down, is honoring the element of fire. In this position, upside down, the pendant looks like the flame of a candle to Miri. The picture “Mermaid Waltzing with Dandy the Dolphin” was drawn February 14, 1991.

South Christmas Tree Earth:
When the pendant is in the South and is right side up and vertical, it looks like a sparkly Christmas Tree. This is in honor of the Earth and all the beautiful greenery Mother Earth supports. “Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servant” was drawn on March 2, 1991 and represents Miri in the South. The hand of God is putting a Golden Crown on Miri’s head and thanking her for her services. This represents for all of us, how happy Mother Father God is of Us as His/Her Faithful Servants. We have finished the work God gave us to do and We are being Blessed!

West Fish Water:
When the pendant is turned sideways, to Miri, it looks like a fish. This honors the waters that cover Mother Earth. “Miri the Mermaid” with the big whale was drawn July 2, 1991 and represents the West. The sign in the picture says TAO Humor Center, 1117 Ocean Coral Pky, Heaven on Earth. Notice Miri is holding a huge key in her right hand and a 6 pointed star wand in her left hand. The huge Yellow Butterfly represents Resurrection. The Treasure Chest of Golden Coins represents the return of our inheritance back to us, the Children of Mother Father God. The winking whale is her whale friend “Wink” who has followed her since birth.

North Spaceship Air:
To the North, when the pendant is sideways again, it appears to Miri as a lighted spaceship which honors the element of air. The “I Am Presence” drawn on June 10, 1995 represents Miri in the North. The flower of life shield was cut out from a mandala coloring book and pasted on top of the picture. The dolphin in the clouds represents multi-dimension. The Rainbow is one of Miri’s favorite symbols.

ZeroPoint Center Ether:
In the center, the pendant is right side up as worn by Miri on the golden chain. The “Mermaid with the Waters Above and Waters Below have Come Together” was drawn on February 21, 1992 and represents the ZeroPoint center of the Sepheroth or Medicine Wheel. Miri is laughing with Joy as Clamentine, the Pearl, is winking in the lower right hand corner. Notice that Miri apparently was planning on wearing a skirt and had to white it out. She must have decided she wanted to be a Mermaid on this day!

Tomorrow, on Friday the 13th, Thirteen will have regained it’s sacred meaning of the Mystical Cosmic Christ Center of all Creation. We, the Light Workers, the Ground Crew, are the Illumined Ones. Heaven on Earth and the Golden Age are present. The Kabbalah is restored to its Sacred 13 Sepheroth. All names modified, stolen, and used for deception by the dark forces are no more! The dark umbilical cord that imprisoned us has disappeared. We are embraced in Indra’s Net of  Clear, Crystalline, Transparent, embodied Divine Love, Light, Life, Laughter, and Liberty. Hallelujah!