Chapter 3 Day 9 Enlightenment Paths

July 5, 2017, Galactic East, Tiferet Sepheroth
Wednesday, Blue Self Existing Night, Kin 43, Root Chakra

img Magnetics Medicine WheelI was in a group that studied the book “Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield, published in 1993. This novel discusses various psychological and spiritual ideas in multiple ancient eastern traditions and new age spirituality. The main character goes on a journey in order to understand nine spiritual insights in an ancient manuscript in Peru. On this journey he encounters people that fit into four categories of personality types. We actually went through the book two times and did the suggested exercises and practices in order to experience the personality types more thoroughly.

I had already been studying the journey of the Inner Child and I noticed I could create a magnetics medicine wheel that could easily be the planetary Malkut Sepheroth. In the above diagram the adult male is in the North and represents the mental body. He is named the Intimidator (the King). In the novel, the Celestine Prophecy, the main character notices that opposite the King in the South is the Poor Me (the Princess). It seems you can’t have one without the other. In the West is the Interrogator (the Queen) who represents the emotional body, who is opposite the Aloof person (the Prince). I noticed in 1993 the similarities that I had already discovered in my work in which the Divine Child from the East connects with the Wounded Child from the South. I already had the Divine Child and the Wounded Child meet in the Southeast, merge and begin to walk into the Center or zero point of the medicine wheel.

This diagram was made in 1993. Its interesting to me because I was able to use electromagnetic symbols to balance out the characters. Notice they are either givers or receivers which is a principle in Sophian Gnostic Spirituality; the male being the giver, the female being the receiver as we discussed earlier.

From Chapter 1 Day 12 Breathing Meditation:

The part that I did not include, was that I felt that even our breath was sliced in 2. I saw that the Male breathed out, and the female breathed in. It was very profound. The Sophian Gnostics teach that the Male is the giver and the female is the receiver, and they are both necessary for wholeness to be.
(See Verse 114 in the Gnostic Gospel of  St. Thomas)

Notice that the adult male giver of the North (the Intimidator) has two pluses and the child receiver in the South (the Poor Me) has two minuses. The adult male giver of the West (the Interrogator) is opposite the female receiver (the Aloof). I have not changed this originally drawn map of the magnetics medicine wheel.

img Birth Of Illumination

Birth Of Illumination

img Kabbalah Divine Restoration

Kabbalah Divine Restoration

Throughout the years in studying the Kabbalah in more depth, I realize that each path could have a similar merging in each direction. In the Inner Child Ascension Path (ICAP), the main work that is done is bringing the Divine Child down from Keter and the Wounded Child from the South at Malkut to both walk towards the Southeast, meet and then walk together into the Center. Since every adult has started with their Inner Child this is the main work of the Inner Child Ascension Path. However, I have noticed throughout all these years that it is also advantageous to be aware of other mergings being completed in each direction of the Sepheroths and including the very Center of each medicine wheel circle.

Read more on the Gift of the Wounded Child in this writing on my original site the

In the Birth of Illumination Medicine Wheel:

  • The Divine Child comes from Keter to the East of the outer rim of Malkut Sepheroth, the Planetary Medicine Wheel. The Wounded Child comes from the South rim of Malkut. The Divine Child and the Wounded Child walk to the Southeast, meet, then walk into the center of the Malkut Sepheroth.
  • The Solar Medicine Wheel, Yesod, is representing the Child and the Adult merging through walking from the Southwest rim of the Medicine Wheel into the Center of the circle.
  • The Galactic Medicine Wheel, Tiferet Sepheroth, represents the Adult man and woman meeting in the Northwest, merging, and they walk into the Center.
  • The Da’at Sepheroth, Universal Medicine Wheel, is represented by the Mind and Heart merging from the Northeast and walking into the Center.
  • By living in the Center of the Sepheroth, Malkut, Yesod, Tiferet, and Da’at this inner illumination of Consciousness will force Keter to expand over the whole Kabbalah.

These represent the 28 Aspects of ourselves that had been placed on the Kabbalah and calibrated with the 28 days of each of the 13 months of the Mayan Calendar Sacred Tzolkin.

As we have been studying in the website, progressive integration of these 28 Aspects according to Sophian Gnostic Spirituality will create the Birth of Illumination at the very center of each Sepheroth.  On Day 21 through 25 when we journey up the Center of each Sepheroth, the Illumined Inner Consciousness forces the outer reality into mirroring perfection. Coming closer and closer to that goal is the objective of this journey. This is illustrated by the inner and outer segments of this Birth of Illumination diagram.

In the Kabbalah of Divine Restoration Diagram, the Birth of Illumination diagram would illustrate that the merged Wounded Child and the Divine Child would walk to the center of Malkut, number 10 on the Diagram. The Adult and Child from the Southwest will be walking into Yesod numbered 9 in the Diagram. The Woman and Man from the Northwest would be walking on Tifferet numbered 6 in the Diagram. The Mind and Heart from the Northeast, would be walking into Da’at numbered 33 in the Diagram. This would force the outer reality to become Illumined, Transmuted and Transformed to expand the New Inner Consciousness.

By studying these maps of consciousness together the non-verbal aspects of our revelation can become deeper and deeper in our inner knowing of Divine Truth. This is one example of how contemporary insights in the Celestine Prophecy can connect with ancient sacred teachings like Sophian Gnosticism.

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