Chapter 1 Day 13 NewClear Fire

May 14, 2017, Universal East, Divine Child, Mother’s Day
Sunday, Blue Self-Existing Monkey, Kin 251, Solar Plexus Chakra

This is the Spiritual Practice I was given in answer to “What can I do to hasten the Goal of Heaven on Earth and the Golden Age?” It is based on the New Trinity Flame and the New Time Line.

Nuclear is a frightening word to most children and adults. The Sophian Gnostic word for this new sacred energy that is now available to us is named nuclear. The lower elements of this Holy Nuclear Fire discovery was stolen by the Dark Forces, and used for evil instead of good. We were given a new name today. It is NewClear!!! It’s new and clear, NewClear!!!

In order to access this power, one must come from Keter. The Ark and the Canoe is a journey we have taken together with the purpose of experiencing how to do that. It would be a good idea to make sure you’ve done the journey from Section 6, Chapter 30, the Ascension to the end of the Arc and the Canoe. Then progress on through to this present Chapter in the Ark of the Covenant.

I believe that it is imperative to come from Keter down, for this practice to reach the highest goal, reuniting the Twin Flames back to their original creation in Divine Love. However, I also believe that wherever one is, this spiritual practice, or one like it, will have some effect.

  • Section 2, Chapter 15, we explore the New Energy, Love Heals.
  • Section 2, Chapter 30, we explore Divine Love Heals absolutely.
  • Section 4, Chapter 1, is the Transfiguration. The Seventh Month
  • Section 5, Chapter 1, is the Resurrection. The Eighth Month
  • Section 6, Chapter 1, is the Ascension. The Ninth Month
  • Section 4, 5 and 6 are each a whole Mayan Calendar month.

I’m going to explain how this spiritual practice came together for me. Yesterday’s writing begins the story. I believe that each of us will receive a similar practice we can do, if we want to help bring in the original Twin Flames and their Divine Love onto the planet NOW.

For instance my main physical part of this practice started with clown practices I knew, breathing with someone. A person who is bringing a gift from nature, would start with a nature element. An artist, a vocalist, a musician, etc. would probably draw to themselves a practice that was resonant to the gift they are bring to earth. I believe that as we share the spiritual practice that we are given it makes it easier and easier for others to co-create their gifts.

The most necessary part of this practice is being United with the Messiah, both Yeshua and Kallah Messiah.

It’s important to be in the NOW. When one is in the NOW there is flexibility to receive and activate momentary guidance. NOW is the only real time. It’s beyond Space and Time.

Breathing establishes the Rhythm of the dance; the Stillness and the Movement.

Breathing also is what moves the feelings and sensations of the body into the conscious Whole.

Breathing co-creates the direction of the movement.

Breathing establishes the Height, Width and Depth of Union with the Divine, which is Infinite and Eternal.

Notice how many of these items just mentioned, make no sense to the human linear mind. This is why one MUST be united with the Messiah to experience the truth of it. We are doing this for all of humanity, so we must stay in the Highest Consciousness we can. That is the Divine Child from Keter. This Child is always one with the Messiah. This can release “Higher Selves” that are stuck in Da’at, as we have discussed so often.

This version is the original vision. A male and a female who are both familiar with Coming from Keter down, and Sophian Gnostic Christianity and the Kabbalah. All information one needs is in this website and the references I have included. I will discuss variations in the next chapter.

Each of you will need to have read the chapter before this, and will have talked about what you need to understand together before you start. This will vary according to how well you know each other. You will have agreed how long you will spend in this practice, and how the signal of the ending time will be communicated.

~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~ ~~~*~~~
Breathing the NewClear Fire.

Sit in straight backed chairs across from each other. Have a small table between you. Place your arms on the table, then gently hold hands as if you are shaking hands. Adjust yourselves on your chairs, and begin to breathe in a relaxed manner. You may look in each other’s eyes or not, according to your preference. It will be best if it is random and relaxed. Much of the imagining will be most natural with your eyes closed, probably.

Close your eyes, and begin to breathe slowly, and deeply but stay relaxed and comfortable.

However you connect with Source, God, Creator, do so.

Connect with Keter at this time, in your own way.

Remind yourself that you, as your Divine Child are always sourced in Keter.

In your journeys, you are simultaneously in Keter………always.

As you breathe, imagine yourself extending as the whole Kabbalah.
Take your time,
Extend from Keter, ……….

to Da’at, ………….

to Tiferet, ……………

to Yesod, …………….

to Malkut.

Expand to include the Left Pillar……….
and then the Right Pillar.

Now go to the Throne Room with the Godhead and slowly move down the Center Pillar again, this time all the way to the Crystalline Core.

Feel the whole Kabbalah and yourself become a multidimensional tube torus.

You are the whole tube torus. Your Head as Keter clear down through the feet at Malkut.

Hear the Messiah saying softly to you, from inside yourself,
Breathe in, ……………..

Breathe out ………………………

Breathe in, …………..

Breathe out. Slowly, Deeply.

The Messiah is then inside breathing with you, …………….

Then the Messiah is inside you actually breathing you.

At this point check with your partner, and calibrate your breathing with her/him. (You probably will need to have your eyes open at this point). Breathe in the same rhythm, and depth. Your breathing together becomes synchronized. Then you become entrained as ONE breath.

The male will be breathing the out breath (giving) and the female will be breathing the in breath (receiving) although you will both be breathing in and out.

Feel your body receiving the “In breaths” as a fountain coming from the ground through your feet, up your body out of your crown. In the “Out breaths”, the water flow down all around you to make a full cycle, like the tube torus.1  Great peace is now filling your whole being. Check your whole body for relaxation.

At this point begin to feel and visualize Twin Flames coming together in Keter. However you imagine and invite in the Divine Plan, now is the time to proceed. Allow the time that the 2 of you have agreed on to focus on this Divine Love coming clear down into the physicality of planet earth. The Twin Flames from Keter create Divine Love heals absolutely clear down through Malkut. The whole Kabbalah is now the NewClear Fire of Divine Love.

Signal completion to your partner now.

As you open your eyes, be in silence for awhile, and then share your experience with each other.

image DivineRoses ZenTangle

1 References to Middle Pillar meditation in Healing book.

“Gnostic Healing – Revealing The Hidden Power Of God” Tau Malachi &
Siobhan Houston

Appendix 5, Middle Pillar of The Tree of Life Meditation, page 145 – 147.