Month 13 Day 19 TRUTH

July 15, 2019, Cosmic West, Tiferet Sepheroth
Monday, Blue Electric Knight, Kin 3, Throat Chakra

I haven’t posted for a week. Please note that we started a new Galactic Spin on Saturday, July 13. We finished the former spin on Friday July 12, Kin 260.

This is significant. It is TZOLKIN, Sacred Spiraling Time. It is a new beginning, fresh start! Also, I spelled Night as Knight!!!
This is for fun, because, these last posts are like Knights in Shining Armor now galloping out on their horses bringing us the TRUTH and VICTORY!!!

Below, is an easy to understand, plain speech, 13 minute video on the history of humanity’s enslavement.

The video below that is only a few minutes clip of why we are entering the War Criminal Stage Of Tribunals, like after WW II In Nuremberg.

Military law does now allow a civil trial for those who have committed treason, or crimes against humanity. Civil courts can not save them now, like with Mr. Epstein. This is the Military Tribunal Stage, FINALLY, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL.

It is important for “We the People” to know this Divine Law so we can insist that it be enforced by WE the PEOPLE of the NEW REPUBLIC of the United States Of America.



War Criminal Stage Of Tribunals
(Senate Judiciary Committee/Brett Kavanaugh
Supreme Court Confirmation Day 2 Hearings – Clip)